Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016

How are you guys doing???

I'm honestly sure it's not as good as I'm doing.....Like not even close.

So let me tell you why.

I'm no longer in Callao! (well, I actually am....but it's not even the at all.). I'm in Maranga with Elder Tonga, from Highland Utah!!! He's the best!!! We've got 22 missionaries in our zone. 12 Elders and 10 Sisters (which should tell you how safe the zone is), and they're all super awesome!!!!! I honestly have fell in love with this place. Here's what's new:

-The members are very mission-work-oriented. In our ward it's us and the assistants to the President, so they've had a series of experienced, hard-working missionaries. They love to help us.

-They also love to feed us. I've eaten some of the best food in my mission the last few days! Whether it's in a restaurant or in a members house. It's a marked improvement from what I've been eating the last 18 months.

-We exercise daily. Although this is something I should have done in all my's not something I did that well. But considering the fact that Elder Tonga's going to play for the U in 4 months, he's got to get BIG, and since I get the same amount of exercise with a lot less protein, I'll get a lot smaller. Which is fine by me.

- Elder Tonga and I are zone leaders, which means as well as normal missionary work, we're in charge of helping out the other missionaries meet their goals. Something I feel super inadequate to do, but I know the Lord will help us.

-I arrived to a sector that was ALREADY HAVING SUCCESS something that's NEVER happened before. Which means there was a baptism the 30th, there will be one this week, one the week that follows, and three on the 20th. So that's amazing.

I'll have to send you pictures from my house. We live on the 6th floor. I can see every other one of my sectors. It's really cool.

The only downside to everything is that we just barely moved we're still sleeping on the floor until they can get our bedframes in.....actually....the house has a few problems.....but at least it's clean.'s looking like I won't be able to send you guys pictures....sorry!!!!!! But I'll send plenty of awesome ones next week!!!

I love you guys!!! I'll let you know about Marcos's baptism!!!

Wait......did I tell you about Marcos?

Ok. So, Thursday, we're walking around, and we get a call.

Marcos: "Elders from....uhhh...Precusores?

Us "Yes"

Marcos: "Uhh I had a meeting scheduled with the other Elders....can I come pick you guys up"

Us:"Yeah....sounds good"!

He came and picked us up about 5 minutes later. After talking with him for a few minutes, we learned that he had talked to the missionaries for a few years.....He has been actively going to church for about 4 months. He wants to get baptized.

So our job this Saturday is just to make sure he gets what he wants.

So that will be awesome!!!

I'm doing great!!! I love you guys!!! I'm doing better than I ever have been before!!!! 

The Church is true!!!

Elder Winn

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