Monday, February 22, 2016

Hey Everyone!!!!  This week was another great one here in Precursores!!!

To start off we got 4 new investigators yesterday!!! Just because their friends invited them to church! When we walked into our Gospel Principles class we were greeted by 4 new smiles, each one of whom lived in our sector! They said they had been invited by their friends and would like to learn more!

They call this ward the ward of miracles, and it's been pretty easy to see why!!! Since it's a very wealthy sector, tracting doesn't do much for us, instead we have to work a lot with the members, and the missionary work's been going much faster than any of my previous sectors.

Almost routinely we are greeted by new investigators in the church (all of whom have been invited by, and are accompanied by a friend!

It's amazing!!!

Other than that we've been running in the mornings. It's terrible. I haven't run this much in like......ever I think.....Hahaha and it was all going well until I got a head cold Friday, so proselyting wasn't the most fun Saturday and Sunday, but I'm feeling great now!!!

Today we played Volleyball as a zone, and ate Papa Johns!!! It was pretty fun!!!

So.....that's honestly it for this week!!! Ricardo got baptized in La Perla!!! I couldn't make it, but I'll attach a photo!!!

So just a quick update on our progressing investigators.

Marcos- Doing great, it's just that he's been attending a different ward (his girlfriends) lately; weve got stake conference this weekend, so his baptism should be for the 5th of March.

Elizabeth- Sister Elizabeth was kind of a surprise!!! When we first started teaching her and Marcos (she's his Mom), she adamantly stated that she was catholic and would not be changing in this lifetime. However and time progressed, she has faithfully attended every week since the first. She is now praying to receive a testimony, and will most likely be baptized with her son on the 5th.

Zoraida-Carlos-Diego- Zoraida and her kids are absolutely amazing to teach, they're all very attentive, and excited for their baptisms the 5th. Carlos even went to the young mens campout this weekend!

I'll be sure to keep you updated about all new people we begin to teach!!!

The work is going great and I absolutely love it.  I'm doing great and I hope you are too!!!!

-Elder Winn

Picture 1 and 2:  Gnarly tan line…..also I was sick…does it show?
Picture 3 and 4: Here’s me and Tonga about to PREACH THE GOSPEL!!!!!!!!


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