Monday, February 8, 2016

Well...I'm sorry to say it, but among the pictures you'll be getting today Marco's baptism won't be one of them!

His girlfriend’s mom died this week so he wasn't home.....we couldn't teach him anything this week.....which is ok, because that really just means he'll be getting baptized this Saturday!!! Wooo!

And Zoraida had a really cool experience last week!!! (Zoraida is hilarious, and lots of fun to teach. She has three kids ages 16, 8 ,and 2).

So anyway, she really wanted to get baptized when she first met the missionaries, but then her ex-husband gave her a bunch of anti-mormon literature and she stopped answering our phone-calls....after a few weeks, she came to church and mysteriously said "If it wasn't for prayer I wouldn't be here right now".....

We didn't really know what she meant, and she didn't explain until the next class.

She told us that she was reading in her bible (in the book of a Catholic Bible) when she read something along the lines of "Why have you abandoned my servants when all they wanted to do was help you"? She said it impacted her a she did a complete 180 apologized and asked us when she and her family could get baptized. Sweet.

And we've got a 9 year old girl.....Sasha? I think....we're working to re-activate her family and baptize her and her 8 year old brother....

And Jessica.....who was progressing perfectly until her husband begged her not to get baptized.....I'm still not sure what his deal is.....that will probably be this week’s homework.....

Anyway, the new sector's great!!! And Elder Tonga's awesome!!! It's really big (comparatively. I’m just realizing that when I say big I'm talking like......10 city blocks......)....and we don't even live in it....we live like 10 minutes away! (Which I once again not that much....).

We walk a lot.....I'll probably send you pictures of my feet.....they're gross.

Now that I think about one's home that much....but we still have that's good!

Anyway.....I'll close with last night's experience.

9:30- arrive at home. It's Sunday, we have to call the District Leaders for their reports, and then sum up the zone numbers

10:30- Almost finished, Elder Tasker still hasn't finished talking with his district.

10:40- Door to our bedroom slams shut, we're still in the study was probably the wind, I'll worry about it later.

10:45- Elder Tonga realizes he left the keys in the bedroom, meaning we can't get in unless we climb in through the window (which is about 5 feet from us, but 50 feet from the ground)

10:50- I consider the possibility of climbing through the window

10:50 (10 seconds later)- I consider how mom would react if I did that

10:51- I tell Elder Tonga to think of a way to open the door

11:15- Elder Tasker finishes talking to me, I finish the numbers.

11:30- It's now too late to talk to the landlord

12:00- after every possible strategy, we call it a night

12:30-The table is now pulled up next to my desk, my laundry is now my pillow, I use the spare blanket. Elder Tonga uses the drapes as his blanket

1:00- lights out.

So......I did not sleep so well last night.....Hahahaha But it was quite the story!!!!!

All's well here in Maranga!!! I'm loving it!!!!!!

Much love,

Elder Winn

First two:   Dave's poor feet-he's such a hard worker
#3              Where he slept last night
#4              Elder Tonga-new companion
#5,6,7        View in Lima
#8              Their bedroom--definitely not how I taught him to keep his room!  BOYS   :)

P.S. We got the spare from the landlord this morning…..

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