Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016

Thank you dear family for the package!!!! It was great!!!!

This has been a pretty good week!!! We had another lunch with the Aunt Jana family (I've taken to calling the Rojas family that because their lunches are *almost* as good as Aunt Jana's Sunday dinners). It was a BBQ. Steak, fries, salad, Sausage, and some other meat I have yet to identify (don't worry it was delicious....therefore not octopus chicken).

We've had some incredibly good luck with our investigators this week!!!

We've been in kind of a rut with finding new investigators lately....but I'm starting to think that may just be a sign to focus on the ones we've already got first!!!

So first off.....Marcos didn't get baptized (again....) He was hardly home this week, so we didn't have the opportunity to teach him......we've put a firm and final date for March 5th (it would be the 27th but we've got stake conference that day). That's also when we're planning Zoraida, Carlos, and Diego's baptisms as that should be a good day!....anyway....back to the good luck!

This week Zoraida AND her kids came! And so did Marcos's Mom, Elizabeth. She's actually came the past two weeks along with Marcos, but this week she came on her own!!! We didn't even have the time to pass by and invite her this week!!! She just came!!! She said she feels at home here.....She plans on coming for many more weeks and will likely be getting baptized the 5th as well!!!

Hahahaha anyway.....that's about it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Multizonas are this week!!!! It should be fun!!!!

I know the church is true!!!! I hope you all know that!!!!

I'm doing great!!!!!!

Love you!!!

Elder Winn

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