Monday, February 23, 2015

I love you guys!!!

Well, I hope this letter finds everyone well!

Personally I'm doing great!

Well, to start off on a good note, I'm moving up in the mission world! I'm no longer Junior companion! I was informed Sunday night that I would be training a new Elder this change! I'm excited, and extremely terrified! I think I'll do fine though.....

I guess we'll see!

Also, this past week on Saturday we had the "White Night" where 7 people in our district were baptized the same night (Olinda included). It was amazing! I've got a lot of pictures, and I'll try and get them to you guys's kind of hard to send them..... Anyway, it was fantastic, and you could really feel the spirit, it was one of those moments you just don't ever want to forget!

Also, this month we broke the mission record of baptisms in 1 month! We had 102 baptisms this month! and our zone had 1/4 of them!

The work is going along great!!!

Merino was sick a couple days this week, and we've been saying goodbye to his old sectors so there's not a ton that's new....

But I'll make sure to tell you all about my new companion next week!!


Elder Winn

Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday February 16, 2015

So, first off I'd like you all to know that life is good down here in Peru and I'm doing great!

I thought that today I'd tell you guys about a few of the differences there are between everyday life here, and in the states.

First off, there are two completely new modes of transportation. The first is the Mototaxi. Which is a flimsy metal frame they build around a motorcycle to fit more people. They are fantastic. They'll take you just about anywhere for $1.

Then there are the convy's Which are like busses, but smaller, and from what I can tell, they don't have to obey any safety requirements, or traffic laws.....and they travel a specific route (more or less). But they only cost about 15 cents.

Also, they don't have what we would call "stores"....they have giant shopping malls (which are few and far between) and then they have small, family owned stores that sell the exact same items, for the exact same prices. I had the idea of taking a picture of everyone I saw on the way over here, but I saw 17......they're everywhere, you don't have to walk more than a block for most necessities.....but if it's a's hard to find just about anywhere.

They don't pay by the hour here....they pay by the month. And usually it's like a 60 hour work week.....minimum here is about $1.35 an hour.....and that's being generous. So, it's hard for a lot of people to make a living here.

huh....that was kind of a depressing note to leave off on......oh well.

Anyway we had interviews with the president this past Tuesday.......I think the president either really likes me, or really doesn't. There is no middle ground. Hahaha I'm honestly completely lost.....but either way the interviews seemed to go ok....

Other than that, we had P-day on Wednesday last week, we had a giant water fight in the stake center, and then went to see that water show thing with the lasers. You'd think the missionaries would be the last group of people to have a water fight in the stake center.....but somehow it happened......hahaha it was fantastic!

I'm doing great! Love you guys!!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

So, one of you was praying super hard for me on my birthday!!!

That day, we found a woman who had been looking for Mormon missionaries for a couple months, and wants to be baptized! Which I thought was great (I don't think there's a missionary who wouldn't....) but even better than that, we went to an investigators house and taught him, his wife, his daughter, and new to us this time, his sister, who is about 60 years old and completely blind.

Anyway, the lesson went great, we gave her a book of mormon, and noted her address for other missionaries who live closer.....anyway, a few days later, we went back to the house, and she was still there. Turns out she had been coming back to her brothers house the past few days in hope that we might come back.....she said she wanted to know more, so we taught her more and invited her to the temple the next day, and she accepted! Anyway.....Not only did this blind woman feel that what we were telling her was the truth, but she accepted to go with us in a bus to some random place only a few days after we met her......

Anyway the point is, she told us she wants to get baptized, and as a result of the incredible amount of faith she has shown, we've got special permission to baptize her this saturday, even though she's only known us for about 2 weeks.

I know that whatever I write in this letter won't do Orlinda justice, but she has more faith without her sight, than anyone I've ever met with it.

(Also, she only went blind about 6 months ago, so she can't walk without someone helping her, so I walk with her everywhere and she just holds my arm and lets me guide's pretty much the most adorable thing you could imagine) 

So, long story short, We've got a baptism this saturday! Life is going great!!!

Aside from that.....not too much is going on! The work is going along great! And I'm super happy!

I love you guys so much! make sure to ask me questions if you have any!
-Elder Winn

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

                                                              Cristo del Pacifico
Best meal in Lima so far (according to Dave)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Well to start off, I'm finally 19!!! Which actually doesn't really mean a whole lot.....

But it was a good day! I was given a tie and a poster of frozen by my companion (Which was actually a great gift even though it might not sound like it), and then I had this wonderful experience!

.....there was a random dude who sells harmonicas on the street, and walking past one day I said the Spanish equivalent of:

"Good sir, I have always wanted to play the harmonica, and seeing as it is my birthday I would like to purchase one of your fine wares"

To which he replied

"indubitably good sir, let me move aside this rubbish and show you something from the finer collection"

He then pulled out a magical box which contained a $50 harmonica which I then immediately bought.

And I have not regretted that purchase for one instant.

And even better I only had to pay $30 for it because it was my birthday!

Well that was that..........and then just recently we heard that another ward would be taking some of our ward, which didn't seem like too big of a deal until they took that part directly out of our we lost Patricia and Cesar who we had just got and ready for their baptisms.....but oh well.....

Other than that....not much is happening! We're finding a lot of new people...but not working too closely with any people in particular that I haven't mentioned yet.......I'll fill you in as soon as I have something to fill you in on.....

I love you all and I hope you're doing great! I'm doing just fine!

-Elder Winn
First 2 pictures are birthday
Second 2 are almost his entire mission