Monday, February 29, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen......

LET’S GET READY TO BAPIZZZZZZZZZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week is totally it!!!! Marcos will be getting baptized at 5 this Saturday and Zoraida and her kids at 7!!! It will be great!!!

They've both come quite a ways! I'm so happy for both of them and I know they'll make incredible members!!!!

We've been walking over every square inch of our sector looking for investigators! It's probably the first sector I've been in where there's actually a lack of people to teach (something that I realize has been an incredible blessing up until now). But even so, we're still finding incredible people! Take Lucero for example! She was a reference we'd received about 3 weeks ago, but she was never home.....after passing by for about the 80th time we hear a young woman answer the intercom! She let us in; we talked with her, her sister, and her father. They're a wonderful family and Lucero and Estrella (her sister) are very interested! I know you'll be hearing a lot more about them!

Other than that, the work steadily continues!!! We've done interchanges with all the elders in the zone! (Which sounds like a lot, but it's really just 4 other companionships). Our zone's incredible!!! Each and every missionary has their own incredible story of how they became converted, what they've had to overcome, and why they came out! Missionaries are the greatest!

On a different note, I've recently been studying a lot on pride. One of my favorite quotes is from Elder Bednar, during a devotional he stated that "all sin is a result of selfishness"..... I began to think and I wonder a perfect Charity (the opposite of selfishness) would be so desirable......As I read more and more about pride and how to avoid it, I read: "Humility is not about thinking less of yourself, it's about thinking less about yourself".

This has honestly been one of the most striking lessons for me in my entire mission. The key to becoming Christ-like, lies in not thinking about ourselves. Every possible sin can be avoided just by thinking about others first. It's incredible.

I have had many moments like this.....and all because I started studying the gospel. It's the fastest and most effective way to happiness!!!

I'm doing great and love you all!!!!!

Stay safe!!!!!!

-Elder Winn

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hey Everyone!!!!  This week was another great one here in Precursores!!!

To start off we got 4 new investigators yesterday!!! Just because their friends invited them to church! When we walked into our Gospel Principles class we were greeted by 4 new smiles, each one of whom lived in our sector! They said they had been invited by their friends and would like to learn more!

They call this ward the ward of miracles, and it's been pretty easy to see why!!! Since it's a very wealthy sector, tracting doesn't do much for us, instead we have to work a lot with the members, and the missionary work's been going much faster than any of my previous sectors.

Almost routinely we are greeted by new investigators in the church (all of whom have been invited by, and are accompanied by a friend!

It's amazing!!!

Other than that we've been running in the mornings. It's terrible. I haven't run this much in like......ever I think.....Hahaha and it was all going well until I got a head cold Friday, so proselyting wasn't the most fun Saturday and Sunday, but I'm feeling great now!!!

Today we played Volleyball as a zone, and ate Papa Johns!!! It was pretty fun!!!

So.....that's honestly it for this week!!! Ricardo got baptized in La Perla!!! I couldn't make it, but I'll attach a photo!!!

So just a quick update on our progressing investigators.

Marcos- Doing great, it's just that he's been attending a different ward (his girlfriends) lately; weve got stake conference this weekend, so his baptism should be for the 5th of March.

Elizabeth- Sister Elizabeth was kind of a surprise!!! When we first started teaching her and Marcos (she's his Mom), she adamantly stated that she was catholic and would not be changing in this lifetime. However and time progressed, she has faithfully attended every week since the first. She is now praying to receive a testimony, and will most likely be baptized with her son on the 5th.

Zoraida-Carlos-Diego- Zoraida and her kids are absolutely amazing to teach, they're all very attentive, and excited for their baptisms the 5th. Carlos even went to the young mens campout this weekend!

I'll be sure to keep you updated about all new people we begin to teach!!!

The work is going great and I absolutely love it.  I'm doing great and I hope you are too!!!!

-Elder Winn

Picture 1 and 2:  Gnarly tan line…..also I was sick…does it show?
Picture 3 and 4: Here’s me and Tonga about to PREACH THE GOSPEL!!!!!!!!


Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016

Thank you dear family for the package!!!! It was great!!!!

This has been a pretty good week!!! We had another lunch with the Aunt Jana family (I've taken to calling the Rojas family that because their lunches are *almost* as good as Aunt Jana's Sunday dinners). It was a BBQ. Steak, fries, salad, Sausage, and some other meat I have yet to identify (don't worry it was delicious....therefore not octopus chicken).

We've had some incredibly good luck with our investigators this week!!!

We've been in kind of a rut with finding new investigators lately....but I'm starting to think that may just be a sign to focus on the ones we've already got first!!!

So first off.....Marcos didn't get baptized (again....) He was hardly home this week, so we didn't have the opportunity to teach him......we've put a firm and final date for March 5th (it would be the 27th but we've got stake conference that day). That's also when we're planning Zoraida, Carlos, and Diego's baptisms as that should be a good day!....anyway....back to the good luck!

This week Zoraida AND her kids came! And so did Marcos's Mom, Elizabeth. She's actually came the past two weeks along with Marcos, but this week she came on her own!!! We didn't even have the time to pass by and invite her this week!!! She just came!!! She said she feels at home here.....She plans on coming for many more weeks and will likely be getting baptized the 5th as well!!!

Hahahaha anyway.....that's about it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Multizonas are this week!!!! It should be fun!!!!

I know the church is true!!!! I hope you all know that!!!!

I'm doing great!!!!!!

Love you!!!

Elder Winn

Monday, February 8, 2016

Well...I'm sorry to say it, but among the pictures you'll be getting today Marco's baptism won't be one of them!

His girlfriend’s mom died this week so he wasn't home.....we couldn't teach him anything this week.....which is ok, because that really just means he'll be getting baptized this Saturday!!! Wooo!

And Zoraida had a really cool experience last week!!! (Zoraida is hilarious, and lots of fun to teach. She has three kids ages 16, 8 ,and 2).

So anyway, she really wanted to get baptized when she first met the missionaries, but then her ex-husband gave her a bunch of anti-mormon literature and she stopped answering our phone-calls....after a few weeks, she came to church and mysteriously said "If it wasn't for prayer I wouldn't be here right now".....

We didn't really know what she meant, and she didn't explain until the next class.

She told us that she was reading in her bible (in the book of a Catholic Bible) when she read something along the lines of "Why have you abandoned my servants when all they wanted to do was help you"? She said it impacted her a she did a complete 180 apologized and asked us when she and her family could get baptized. Sweet.

And we've got a 9 year old girl.....Sasha? I think....we're working to re-activate her family and baptize her and her 8 year old brother....

And Jessica.....who was progressing perfectly until her husband begged her not to get baptized.....I'm still not sure what his deal is.....that will probably be this week’s homework.....

Anyway, the new sector's great!!! And Elder Tonga's awesome!!! It's really big (comparatively. I’m just realizing that when I say big I'm talking like......10 city blocks......)....and we don't even live in it....we live like 10 minutes away! (Which I once again not that much....).

We walk a lot.....I'll probably send you pictures of my feet.....they're gross.

Now that I think about one's home that much....but we still have that's good!

Anyway.....I'll close with last night's experience.

9:30- arrive at home. It's Sunday, we have to call the District Leaders for their reports, and then sum up the zone numbers

10:30- Almost finished, Elder Tasker still hasn't finished talking with his district.

10:40- Door to our bedroom slams shut, we're still in the study was probably the wind, I'll worry about it later.

10:45- Elder Tonga realizes he left the keys in the bedroom, meaning we can't get in unless we climb in through the window (which is about 5 feet from us, but 50 feet from the ground)

10:50- I consider the possibility of climbing through the window

10:50 (10 seconds later)- I consider how mom would react if I did that

10:51- I tell Elder Tonga to think of a way to open the door

11:15- Elder Tasker finishes talking to me, I finish the numbers.

11:30- It's now too late to talk to the landlord

12:00- after every possible strategy, we call it a night

12:30-The table is now pulled up next to my desk, my laundry is now my pillow, I use the spare blanket. Elder Tonga uses the drapes as his blanket

1:00- lights out.

So......I did not sleep so well last night.....Hahahaha But it was quite the story!!!!!

All's well here in Maranga!!! I'm loving it!!!!!!

Much love,

Elder Winn

First two:   Dave's poor feet-he's such a hard worker
#3              Where he slept last night
#4              Elder Tonga-new companion
#5,6,7        View in Lima
#8              Their bedroom--definitely not how I taught him to keep his room!  BOYS   :)

P.S. We got the spare from the landlord this morning…..

Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016

How are you guys doing???

I'm honestly sure it's not as good as I'm doing.....Like not even close.

So let me tell you why.

I'm no longer in Callao! (well, I actually am....but it's not even the at all.). I'm in Maranga with Elder Tonga, from Highland Utah!!! He's the best!!! We've got 22 missionaries in our zone. 12 Elders and 10 Sisters (which should tell you how safe the zone is), and they're all super awesome!!!!! I honestly have fell in love with this place. Here's what's new:

-The members are very mission-work-oriented. In our ward it's us and the assistants to the President, so they've had a series of experienced, hard-working missionaries. They love to help us.

-They also love to feed us. I've eaten some of the best food in my mission the last few days! Whether it's in a restaurant or in a members house. It's a marked improvement from what I've been eating the last 18 months.

-We exercise daily. Although this is something I should have done in all my's not something I did that well. But considering the fact that Elder Tonga's going to play for the U in 4 months, he's got to get BIG, and since I get the same amount of exercise with a lot less protein, I'll get a lot smaller. Which is fine by me.

- Elder Tonga and I are zone leaders, which means as well as normal missionary work, we're in charge of helping out the other missionaries meet their goals. Something I feel super inadequate to do, but I know the Lord will help us.

-I arrived to a sector that was ALREADY HAVING SUCCESS something that's NEVER happened before. Which means there was a baptism the 30th, there will be one this week, one the week that follows, and three on the 20th. So that's amazing.

I'll have to send you pictures from my house. We live on the 6th floor. I can see every other one of my sectors. It's really cool.

The only downside to everything is that we just barely moved we're still sleeping on the floor until they can get our bedframes in.....actually....the house has a few problems.....but at least it's clean.'s looking like I won't be able to send you guys pictures....sorry!!!!!! But I'll send plenty of awesome ones next week!!!

I love you guys!!! I'll let you know about Marcos's baptism!!!

Wait......did I tell you about Marcos?

Ok. So, Thursday, we're walking around, and we get a call.

Marcos: "Elders from....uhhh...Precusores?

Us "Yes"

Marcos: "Uhh I had a meeting scheduled with the other Elders....can I come pick you guys up"

Us:"Yeah....sounds good"!

He came and picked us up about 5 minutes later. After talking with him for a few minutes, we learned that he had talked to the missionaries for a few years.....He has been actively going to church for about 4 months. He wants to get baptized.

So our job this Saturday is just to make sure he gets what he wants.

So that will be awesome!!!

I'm doing great!!! I love you guys!!! I'm doing better than I ever have been before!!!! 

The Church is true!!!

Elder Winn