Thursday, August 28, 2014

The CCM is great! I love it here!
I figured I'd wait until now to tell you....but there's an epidemic going around! Like 100 and some odd kids got really sick, and it was spreading like crazy, but everything's all good no worries.

Anyway, yet another non-exciting week! Our zone leaders left on Tuesday, so we had them all speak Sunday, as a district they sang the same song that I did at my seminary graduation, so that was pretty cool!

I met an Hermana Warner here! She was in my AFY group two years ago....I know quite a few people here! It really is a small world!

I feel like for all of you to really get a feel for how I feel here, I should describe what it's like.

Everyday I wake up 6:30ish and take a cold shower, then I read the Book of Mormon for about an hour in our classroom. After that we eat breakfast, which usually consists of non-breakfast food items including, but not limited to: Tamales, quesadillas, and ham and swiss sanwiches. Usually I just stick to cereal (with spiders).
After breakfast we have class with Hermano Salvador. He really likes McPhie and I, so we can get away with most everything. Usually we have a language topic, a spiritual topic, and then an hour to teach our progressing investigator (Them without a tie and nametag).
Then we have gym time, usually volleyball or Foosball.
Then lunch. Usually the most normal meal, typical mexican food.
Then we have afternoon class with Hermana Garcia. She's nice, but she has got to be the most boring teacher ever....but in every other aspect, it's the same as the morning classes.
Then dinner....typical mexican food, with cereal as an opt out for those with weaker stomachs.
Then our final study time where we read more BOM or Bible, or study language. Then we go back home at 9:30, sleep, and do it all again the next day.

And I love it.

It's so great being out here! No individual moment is super spectacular, but all together it's really great!
We've had a few kids leave, or want to leave because of anxiety.....I guess I understand....but not's so great here! and We're only gone for 2 years! We're already a month in!

Oh, and just to reassure you guys that I haven't changed.....we have devotionals and presidency talks sunday and tuesday nights....I think I've made it 2 or 3 without falling asleep. My theory is, if it's important, someone will wake me up.

I love you guys! I promise I'll write something spiritual at some point!!!
Elder Winn

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Week #3

I love you guys!

Will you send this out to everyone else too?

This week was great!

We have two new investigators (Really just employees here).
Rosa and Santos.
Santos is a devout Christian who believes in the bible (and only the bible) and who is looking for men of god.
Rosa has a son who is on a mission, but she herself has never wanted anything to do with the church.

We commited them both to baptism after the first lesson, and are working hard to get them to prepare!
We gave them Ether 12:27......can scriptures be cliché? I feel like it's cliché....


I feel like I should give you guys a better idea of the day to day......
everyday we wake up at 6:30, or earlier if you want a hot shower,
then we´re in class doing personal study by 7:00.
then we go and eat breakfast in the comedor....usually some form of torillas.....
then we have like a 4 hour block of class.....which is usually boring.....
then we have gym! Usually we'll do splits and Elder Dyal and I will play Volleyball.
Then lunch......then more class.....then dinner....then study....then bed.....

It´s repetitive....but overall not bad!
I miss home, but I know that What I'm doing out here is more important than anything I could do back home.

I'll make sure to send pictures next week!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I ate a spider

Hey everyone!

Not much happened this week! It was kind of rough getting settled in, but now that I'm on a routine things are working out pretty well!

Like it says in the header, I did indeed eat a spider.
Our district sat down to eat breakfast, mangoes, cereal, tortillas.....and we were eating business as usual, I was just absentmindedly eating some cereal when I realized that the bite I had just taken looked fuzzier than fruit loops....and it seemed to have quite a few more legs than fruit loops, so instead of spitting it out I decided the best plan of action would be start chewing like mad and chugging apple seemed to work....but man...that was hardcore preparation for the peruvian food.

Aside from that all that's really happened is the development of late night talks with the other elders. It's a good way to get to know other people, and what they've gone through.

I'll write more next week!
There are mission pictures on my blog, you can get the address from my mom at:

Con mucho amor,
Elder Winn