Monday, January 25, 2016

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January 25, 2016

So I'll start off with the call I got from President Larson this week.

I was informed that I'd be staying with Elder Diaz and that we'd be getting sister missionaries in our district, and that Elder Fitzmorris would probably be leaving, meaning it would be me, Elder Diaz, Elder Carvallo, a new Elder, and two new Sisters.

Sisters? I've hardly seen a sister missionary in my whole mission! How am I supposed to work with them in my District? No one ever trained me on this.....

Anyway we set out placing as many baptismal goals for this coming month as we could among them:

Rosa B.- Feb 16th

Lupe- January 30th

Ricardo- Feb 16th

Jeffery- Feb 16th

Aldo- Feb 16th

Javier- ASAP.....but he needs to get married

Nayla- "  "

Domenico- Feb 16th

Eduardo- Feb 16th.

The best part is. THEY'RE ALL GOING TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We worked like crazy this week! And Last week!!! And all this change!!!!

Although none of that was because of us, I know that our diligence and our faith allowed the Lord to work miracles in our sector this change. enough so that I know that this upcoming change we'll truly reap what's been sowed.

Hahaha we've seen both great progress and setbacks with the O. family! (Javier-Nayla-Domenico(11)-Eduardo(9)). Despite several family problems, leaky roofs, and marital issues.......they are set on baptism....the only problem is.....They're not married.....which wouldn't be that big of of problem except.....Javier's not divorced from his previous's a little bit of a problem......they said the didn't want to tell us because they were worried that if we knew we would stop visiting them.

But we told them that as long as they continued progressing towards their goal, we would never stop visiting them, no matter how slowly they progressed. And even if they stopped progressing we would never stop hoping, praying, and encouraging them.

Which made me think about God and his relation to us. Our direction is infinitely more important to him than our speed....We can get to the Celestial Kingdom by strides or by baby steps. But the important thing is that we get there. And even when we go a different way. We're never abandoned by him. He remains there encouraging us, helping us decide to make a change. He doesn't want to manipulate us. He wants us to choose the right.

....anyway....after some detective work we worked out a pretty low fee with a lawyer.....they should be divorced in a few months, and married soon after....Which would be lovely to see.

If what the President said didn't change.

In a different phone call a few days later I learned that I will be heading to Marranga with Elder Tonga! He's from Utah and will be my 3rd American companion! I'm certainly excited....although I will miss Elder Diaz a lot!!!

Looking forward to a bunch of new memories!!!

The gospel is true, and I love you.

Elder Winn


  1. Hola David Winn

    El 1 de febrero es tu cumpleaños, ¡Feliz cumpleaños David!
    Un fuerte abrazo


    Hello David Winn

    On February 1, it's your birthday, Happy Birthday David!
    A hug


  2. Thank you. I'll make sure David gets this message.