Monday, March 30, 2015

Well. I'll start off with a warning.

Not a lot happened this week......

Although it was an incredibly awesome week!!!!

So, This week, we had the baptisms of Lupe and Andrea!!! It has been so great to see them both progress and change. Their baptisms were extremely special to me because I got to see both of them from their first lesson, until their baptisms. I got to see both their hearts softened by the spirit, and accept the gospel. It was amazing! The baptismal service was Saturday at 5:00 and last minute we realized that we didn't have baptismal clothes, someone from the bishopric, or someone from the relief society....but just like it always does, everything worked out as they all showed up last was just another one of many miracles.....

Hahaha and the very next day Lupe had brought all her money for tithing, fast offerings, and had already signed up that month to give good to the missionaries. She's probably the best convert anyone's ever had.

And....other than that, this week we went and played pool in Larco Mar. It was awesome! Just us and the zone leaders, relaxing, talking, and playing pool.....needless to say, I won! Hahaha it was actually one of my favorite P-days we've had!

Anyway! I love you guys!!! Things are going great!!! We've got conference this week and then we should have Fausto's baptism the next week!!!! Love you all!!!

-Elder Winn
#1  Lupe and Andrea baptism
#2  David's art work
#3  P-day pool game
#4  Ian Rogers who is serving in Lima North?
#5  Adding to his collection

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