Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

Hey guys!

This past Thursday we got to go to the temple again! I'm glad I'm in a mission where we can go once a month!!! It's so amazing!!! We took a few group pictures outside as a zone, which I would send to you guys but the computer I'm using doesn't upload that will have to wait.

The temple is in "La Molina" Which is actually out of our mission (As is 99% of Peru), but it only takes about 30 minutes in a busy bus to get there.

And then this p-day we went to "La Cachina" again to buy a camera for Elder Slade, seeing as his broke in the MTC. Which was as terrifying as always!

Anyway, like the header of the e-mail says. We had a meeting with Lupe this week. A really, really cool meeting.

We had just finished teaching tithing, which was the last thing we had left to teach, when she asked us (for the 4th time) if she could move her baptismal date back a few weeks so she could be more prepared.

We explained that we had taught her all the material, and that she was already prepared.

She told us she just wanted to clear her mind from all the stress she's had from worrying about the move (she's moving across the street.....which is kind of a weird move if you ask me....but, I guess there's only so much space in Rimac), and that a few more months was all that was necessary.

Anyway after about ten minutes of talking back and forth, I promised her that if she would hold true to her baptism date that we would come by every day to help her with the move, and that we would do everything in our power to make sure she had nothing to worry about the day of her baptism.

She just kind of looked at me for a minute and then said that she had been a little worried that the elders didn't really care about her well-being and that we just wanted to see her baptized, but that now she knew that we cared, she then earnestly accepted her date for the 28th.

It was sweet.

And that's just a part of this month! That same 28th we've also got a baptism planned for Fausto (have I talked about him?)  and Andrea.

The work's going along great here! I'm doing great! I love all of you guys! Stay Safe!

Elder Winn


Here's a picture from our bike ride close to the beach, there's an amusement park close to the beach's really cool!

And then there's elder Slade and a good view of the city.

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