Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015
 I'm glad you liked the mask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway......there's not a ton to write this week......not much happened!
Elder Slade is amazing! He's such a cool kid! We get along great! He's always ready to work, and ready to learn!!! I'm going to miss him like crazy when we have changes!!!!
Anyway; this week we met Andrea She's a reference from the other elders and she is super ready to be baptized!!!! From what I was told this was more or less their first encounter with her.
Andrea: "Hey are you guys Mormons"
The Elders: "Yeah"
Andrea: "Cool. I read your book; can you baptize me and my mom"?
Anyway, she lives in our sector and they passed the references to us! It was awesome!
Other than that, we're going to the temple this Thursday! Which is great! In our mission we can go every 2 changes (once with the zone, and once with the ward). I'll make sure to send you guys some pictures!
I really do wish I had more to say.......I'm doing just fine! The work is going along great! Feel free to ask me questions! Love you guys!
Love Dave
*Picture of the Mask Dave sent from Peru~~White Incan God (aka Jesus Christ)

*Picture of Daves first companion in Lima,  Elder Glassford, with Kyle

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