Monday, March 2, 2015

Well, first off, my new companion! Elder Slade!

I'm training a white kid!!!!!!!!!

Hahahaha really though! It's really weird! Only 3 people from the states came in and the other two got a latino companion!

He's from Murray! And we get along fantastic! He reminds me a lot of Trevor Taylor! And a good deal of Kyle! And Isaac Rushton too..... He's 21 and he's got a brother serving in the Manchester, New Hampshire mission (the same one as Sam). He liked to rock climb before his mission, he had a bullet bike, and he loves to slack line! He was a pretty extreme dude!

Anyway, the only problem is we talk a lot in english so I'm probably hindering his spanish But yeah! We get along great!

Anyway, I thought it was about time for an update on the work!

Ever since I got Elder Slade as my companion I've redoubled my efforts and am trying to be the perfect missionary! And it's paying off! 
Here's what we've got

Lupe: The sweetest old lady ever, Elder Merino and I found her, we've got a date for her baptism this 28th of March. The only problem with her is that she progresses like a turtle because she wants to understand everything perfectly.

Armando: A new investigator we found on Tuesday. We invited him to be baptized the first lesson and he accepted, he'll be getting baptized the same day as Lupe.

Andrea: To tell you guys the truth, I don't know a whole lot about her.....other than she's a reference from the other elders and wants to be baptized. She's kind of a nervous person....and a tad odd, but she's getting baptized the 21st of March.

Fausto: This really old dude who reads the bible everyday. We gave him a book of Mormon, and now he reads that everyday. He's also getting baptized the 28th.

Then we've got a myriad of others who are in various other stages of progression.....anyway. That's this week in a nutshell!!!
The harder you work. The better you do.

Love you guys! 
Elder Winn

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