Monday, April 6, 2015

Hey guys! I hope you're all doing great! I'm doing fantastic! Things are going great, and the change is just wrapping up! This change has gone greatly!

First off; I hope you all enjoyed the privilege (I don't remember how to spell that....) of watching conference! I was able to watch it( In English)! In our small stake center. It was fantastic. My favorite talk was by far that by Elder Holland. I hope you all were able to watch it, and if not, then I strongly encourage you to read it. I absolutely loved it.

I hope you all realize how big of a blessing it truly is to watch general conference. We are the only group of people in the world that can claim to have a living, authoritative, prophet. I hope you can all appreciate that every 6 months, through his prophets; god speaks to every one of us individually.

Speaking of conference, we had an amazing experience with Javier and his family. His wife (Who had not been too fond of us) grudgingly came along with him and his two children to conference on Sunday. She had told us before that she was skeptical about a prophet and apostles but that she would come to ONE the end of the third session (Her first) she said that she regrettably could not stay. She said that she had to take care of a family problem in a different part of town, but that she had tried several times to rearrange the time, just so she could watch even 15 minutes of the next session....she said that she had felt something different about the way they talked, as if she needed to hear more. We happily informed her that she could watch all the talks online, or read them all, next month, she then left, happy as could be with the rest of her family.

They're awesome. They're totally gonna get baptized. Hahaha really though, it's amazing to see how the spirit affects people. It's truly a miracle.

Also; I'll leave you with an odd experience we had the other night.

As Elder Slade and I were walking home after a day of proselyting we heard a lot of loud footsteps.....the kind of footsteps you hear when someone's running as fast as they can, we turn to see a kid about our age run by......just as we turn to each other to ask what had just happened, we see two people dressed completely in tiger and bunny costumes (complete with oversized heads) sprinting after naturally we run after them, completely confused......they ended up catching up to the kid, tackling him to the ground, and then punch/kick/tickle him......seeing as the kid was laughing, we didn't really do anything about it.......but it was probably one of the weirdest things I've seen out here......anyway......

Thanks for all your support! I'm doing great! I'll be staying in Rimac another 6 weeks......Oh and also our mission got 141 baptisms this month, and 141 reactivations. It was incredible; we just keep blowing our numbers out of the water!!!

Love you all! Doing Great!

Elder Winn

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