Monday, March 23, 2015

1) Question:   Steve asked Dave if he knew his release date since I've had a couple of patients who already know their kids release date.
Answer:  I think it's like the 13th of July or something.....  
Personally I love this answer, because I know he is happy; he hasn't started the count down til he's home,
2) Q:  Dave started to write at about 9 this morning then we didn't get our official e-mail until 5 tonight, Steve asking him if he was ok.
Answer: companion and I were both sick we didn't do anything, and it's just now that we're finishing writing.....
Obviously not a fan of this answer, at least he is honest with us.  He said his companion is sicker than him, but that they didn't feel like they needed a doctor.  They were feeling a bit better.  Honestly this is where it's hard to be the mom.
3) Q:  How is the new companion
Answer:  Elder Slade is the best! We get along perfectly! We work way hard!
4) Q:  When Elder Glassford came to visit us he told us Dave was now in the worst area, which has been especially nice for me to know!  So Steve asked him if he felt like he was ever in danger.
Answer:  And the area is a lot safer than my last one. I haven't been worried once.

Love you!

Usually I don't include much of the information we get if we have a chance to e-mail back and forth, but we have been asked a few of these questions lately so there are the answers straight from Dave.  And now the best part.....the letter!

March 23, 2015

Hey guys! I hope everyone's doing great! As for me, I couldn't be better! This week was super awesome! And it all started out with a little leap of faith!

So, going back a ways, when I first moved into the ward we met a crazy lady who verbally assaulted my companion and screamed that all the missionaries we 

terrible and good for nothings.....she had been less active and had no plans on coming back to church....anyway, fast forward to a week ago, she came to the 

church one week, apologized for being absolutely insane, and asked us to visit her.....the bishop said it was up to us, and he wouldn't blame us if we decided 

not to go......anyway I decided to go, and last Tuesday we went.

She is the nicest, most sane person I have met down here......I think she was just upset from the multitudes of members that have called her crazy over the 

years.......she talked to us, and we have visited her 3 times since then. She came to church this week, and is progressing very rapidly towards her 


Her neighbors have talked to us, noticing the difference in her personality......

It's kind of really awesome!

Also, Side note, I've been a little under the weather as of late, and some friendly, well-meaning Peruvians have offered some health advice that I would like to 

share with all of you:

Stomach ache-

-Eat Lots of Salt

-Whatever you do, don't take Pepto

-Go for a run

-Drink yogurt

-Don't Drink Yogurt

-Eat mayonnaise

-Don't Eat Mayonnaise

As for general health tips, I've received this wonderful counsel:

-Don't drink cold beverages (They hurt your throat and will give you the flu)

-Don't eat pork.......They haven't adequately explained that one yet.....

- Don't chew gum

-Don't sleep with the A/C on (Same as cold beverages)

Anyway......I don't know how much of that advice I'll actually follow.....

And most importantly! I've noticed a distinct change in the lesson tone recently.....

I had gotten to the point where I knew the lessons forwards backwards and upside down....and could teach them well.....but recently I've relied more on the 

spirit.....Now I honestly don't have any idea what I'm going to say until the words come out my mouth......since then we've had a lot more new investigators, 

and a lot more come to the meetings! It's fantastic!!! I hope all of you can constantly strive to have the spirit in your lives!!!

I love you guys! I'm doing great!

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