Monday, February 23, 2015

I love you guys!!!

Well, I hope this letter finds everyone well!

Personally I'm doing great!

Well, to start off on a good note, I'm moving up in the mission world! I'm no longer Junior companion! I was informed Sunday night that I would be training a new Elder this change! I'm excited, and extremely terrified! I think I'll do fine though.....

I guess we'll see!

Also, this past week on Saturday we had the "White Night" where 7 people in our district were baptized the same night (Olinda included). It was amazing! I've got a lot of pictures, and I'll try and get them to you guys's kind of hard to send them..... Anyway, it was fantastic, and you could really feel the spirit, it was one of those moments you just don't ever want to forget!

Also, this month we broke the mission record of baptisms in 1 month! We had 102 baptisms this month! and our zone had 1/4 of them!

The work is going along great!!!

Merino was sick a couple days this week, and we've been saying goodbye to his old sectors so there's not a ton that's new....

But I'll make sure to tell you all about my new companion next week!!


Elder Winn

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