Monday, May 2, 2016

Well this week has been great!!!

We've been contacting just about everything that moves, and we're seeing results!

Highlights include:

-Carlos V., who: Warmly welcomed us into his home, listened to our message of the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ, and accepted the invitation to be baptized  by one holding the authority to do so.

-Ericka (and family), who: is actually a less active member. Along with her husband, she was baptized about 16 years ago. Her two children ages 12 and 11, have recently been asking  many gospel related questions, causing her to ponder her current direction  in life, and pray to God wanting to know his will for  her family.

-Severino, who: Is a firm Christian believer, who is simply looking for a way him and his family can improve their relationship with God.

-Pedro, who: After asking for a contacting card about "The Big Beard in the sky" frankly told us that he was drunk and that he just wanted to know what religion we were from

-And Andy who: Is incredibly racist; although only against those from South America, despite the fact that he is from Peru....He's actually a great guy. He just hates everything from Argentina, which is kind of a bummer for Elder Castillo!!!

Hahahaha This week has been moving along smoothly!!! Life is going great!!!

We've been teaching plenty of people, and have been really busy! This week Mario and Marina came to church early and stayed all 3 hours! It was pretty miraculous!!!

I honestly don't have that much else to say!!! Love you guys!!! I'm doing great!!!

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