Tuesday, May 17, 2016


May 16, 2016

Well the internet here is dumb, so it appears as if you will not be getting pictures this week!!! Sorry!!!

Apart from that; I just received news that Elder Rasband will be visiting our mission June 10th! That'll be awesome!

Also my $60 suit came in today, it's quite the purchase if I do say so myself! Although the sleeves were a little long and it wasn't as slim as I would've liked (Don't worry mom. Even though it's a $60 suit I didn't settle. It's getting sent back to get tailored again).

Today we went to the center of Lima!!! I found out I can pretty much navigate the whole city now.....like....really. Which is saying something because like 10 million people live here and it is not tiny at all.

This week we contacted; knocked doors, received 50 references, and planned out Bryan's baptism on Saturday.

The noteworthy events there are Bryan's baptism, and the fact that we received 50 REFERENCES THIS WEEK. A normal week for us would include about 2.

Bryan is Kiooshi's younger brother. And in case you don't know who Kiooshi is, he's Victoria's grandson. And in case you don't know who Victoria is.....that's perfectly understandable. I really haven't spoken much about any of them.

Hahaha Victoria is a little old lady who we reactivated last week. Elder Castillo and Elder Adams baptized her grandson (Kiooshi) before I got here, and we will be baptizing Bryan this week. He's 12 and is excited to pass the sacrament. So he's leaps and bounds ahead of me when I was his age.

Hahahaha so I'll be making sure to let you know how that goes.....and in relation to the references. They all came from missionaries in this zone.

For two hours all the missionaries in Callao came over and contacted people in our sector. After all was said and done we have 50 potential new investigators, so this should be a very busy week!

I'm doing quite well and am really excited to keep working with Elder Castillo. We get along great, and he's got lots of energy for the work!

Hmm....I can't think of much more to say....but I'm doing great!!!

Love you guys!!!

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