Friday, May 13, 2016

Hey everyone!!!

This week's been great!!!

We've been kind of all over the place, but here's this week's rundown.

Monday: P-day, we went to the zoo, and ate at Chili's!

Tuesday: Full day of work, lots of meetings, lots of dropped meetings, lots of street contacts

Wednesday: Service for Mario and Marino. I put in a roof....Now I know what you're thinking ¨Oh wow. Elder Winn and his Companion helped fix a roof¨ no no. I built a roof. It was hard. It was quite difficult. But while my companion helped clean up trash and junk from the back room. I tore off the old roof, and put in a new one....If you don't mind having a roof made of plywood and cardboard, I could totally build you a roof for less than $10.

Thursday: We went to the temple! The temple's kind of a ways out of our mission, and our session was at 2:15, so we got home about 8:00 at night. So that was about our whole day.

Friday: Another full day of work. Pretty sure the average age of our investigators is 70. We have one youth who's 12 years old, and then Great-Grandparents who are like of love, lots of patience. Lots of speaking very loudly into one ear so they can hear, but lots of progress.

Saturday: Another good day, lot of contacting in the street, because, while we started the day with 9 planned meetings, all but 1 fell through.

And Sunday!!! SKYPE!!!!!

It was great talking with my family!!!! Hahaha they made it pretty clear that I would be home in about 2 months.

Hahaha life is good! I'm loving how things is going here!!!! It's kind of hard to find people to teach, but we're trying to do everything we can to find new people to teach!

I'm loving life here!!! This week we've got a multi-zone conference! So I'm excited for that!!!!

That's all for this week!!!

Love you all!!!

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