Monday, April 25, 2016

Drum roll please.

After two short changes as a zone leader I.....

Have been transferred.

To Callao.

To Train.


Hahahahaha you should be happy and not scared!!! Because my sector and my companion are really awesome!!!

Well....this week has been interesting to say the least.

So Monday night, we get the call for transfers. And to my surprise I was one of the few that had a transfer!!!

They told me I'd be heading to Callao, and I'd be finishing the training of Elder Castillo!

So Tuesday morning I grabbed my bags (They were still packed since we had moved earlier that morning) and headed out!

I'll be honest. I wasn't too keen on coming back to Callao. Less so when I knew it was the heart of the city...but I've got to admit. Coming back felt like coming home!

Everyone here knows the missionaries, and the majority respect them. Which means I always hear some form of "Hey Elders"! "How're you doing"?

Also. The work is moving faster here than in any other sector I've ever been in.

We've had a solid 25 lessons planned out this past week (as a point of reference in any other sector (Even Rimac) I only got to about 15 (Maranga was the worst with like 5 a week)). We find new investigators every day! It's great!!!

Also my new house is awesome!!! It's like....100 years old....but it's way big, and actually pretty clean (from a mission apartment standpoint. Not a United States standpoint).

So far that's about all I could tell you.....We live above a market in a street called Colon. It always smells like dead chicken.

Hahahaha so that's my life right now!!!

We're currently working with a couple named Mario and Marina. They're going to get married the 7th and baptized the 14th. We hope.

And there's a convert of 10 months in this sector! He's awesome! Elder Tasker (an elder who was in the MTC with me) baptized him. He's awesome, and leaves with us to preach like 3 or 4 times a week, despite the fact he's like 50 and has a full time job.

So, I'm great! The work's going great. And I'll leave you all with the recommend to read Elder Holland's talk 'Because of your Faith'.

I absolutely loved it.

Much love,
Elder Winn

Goodbye to a good friend, Elder Bates.

And Hello to my new companion, Elder Castillo!

Here's a scenic view from my new house.....oh wait....what's that?

Where we study.

Also the bathroom's gross. I'm well aware.

Big fridge. Entrance and Couches!


New bedroom

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