Monday, May 23, 2016

This might be the shortest letter we have receive so far.....


May 23, 2016

Hey everyone! I'll start off by telling you I'm doing great!!! And while the work here is going well, I just heard it's going even better back in Maranga...

Now, lets rewind a bit.

April 11th.

I wrote to you detailing the experience I had sharing the gospel with a young family in a gas station.

Well. It is my pleasure to inform you that they are now members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Sunday morning after the sacramental services I received a phone call from the elders in Maranga. Elder Villarroel told me that someone wanted to talk to me. I waited, wondering who it could be, when I hear "It's me, Gisella. Elder Winn, thank you for sharing the gospel with us, weve all been baptized and have just received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Thank you so much".

I was dumbfounded. I asked her about their conversion, about the missionaries, about the family. While there were certainly trails, there had never been a lack of faith on their part. From what I heard, nearly the whole ward attended their baptism, and President Larson himself affected one of the baptisms.

And while that may be one of my favorite experiences as a missionary, I think there's one more that tops it. One that illustrates exactly what I've done here....

And It looks like I'll be sharing it....along with pictures next week.....I'm sorry!!! I promise a super great e-mail next week!!! Love you!!! Bye!!!

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