Monday, March 28, 2016

Well!!! It's been another great week here in Peru!   

To start off, we just about reached our goal this month of 10 baptisms in the zone!  This means that we put in our part to reach 100 baptisms as a mission this month! And while we're happy with that, the President knows we can do more, so we've got a goal of 150 this April, with a corresponding 15 coming from our zone!

Two of those 10 baptisms were Marco and Elizabeth! Two people who I simply haven't had enough time to talk about!!!

We met Marco when He called Us to say that he would like to get baptized! He told us that his girlfriend had left on a mission and that he had been listening to the missionaries. With her, in her ward. He faithfully listened to all we had to say, asked us a few questions, and steadily grew in his testimony until the day of his baptism!

Elizabeth's story is a little more interesting. She had also listened to us since day one; however, she adamantly affirmed "I'm catholic, and I will die catholic". Although that sounded like a bluff to me.......she came with Marco the first week of church, and the second! What stuck out to us was that she came the third week, even when her son didn't! She steadily listened more and more intently, read more and more, asked more and more questions. And then eagerly awaited the baptism of her son! Two weeks later, she followed suit!

After all has been said and done, my favorite thing in the entire work I'm involved in is hearing a convert's testimony after they've been baptized.

Up until their baptism, you really don't know how strong a convert's testimony is. Maybe they've prayed, maybe they just like you two as missionaries, maybe they just think it's the right thing to do......these things have made me wonder how converted some of the new "converts" really are.

However, after someone's been baptized, a special and Holy Spirit lends itself as a teacher, the moment when a convert shares their testimony after their baptism is often the first time they've done it, and as a result, the purest.

Elizabeth was no exception. I have to admit that while we prepared her baptism, I had wondered how converted she really was. But when she stepped up to share what she knew to be true, there was no doubt. It was a truly incredible experience!

So.....that's been this week!!!! I got to go! But I love you all, and I hope you share your testimonies!!!!!

Much love,

Elder Winn

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