Monday, March 21, 2016

This picture was sent to me (Syd) in a text last Thursday.
First time I've had one sent his entire mission, it was
a cool surprise!!!!

This is what Dave had to say about it.

Well basically:

We were walking in our sector and we heard "Hey Elders" but in like a gringo voice....not like a Peruvian "Elderes"

So we turn around and there's a middle aged white guy, he talks to us and asks us where we're from (In English (he didn't speak Spanish) so I had to translate for my companion).

He said he was from Salt Lake! I told him I was from Bountiful, and then he said he was from Bountiful! He looked at my nametag and asked who my parents were. I told him. He then introduced himself as Cam Dopp's dad! I gave him a hug, and he took my picture, and asked if there was anything he could do for us, we told him no, then talked some more, then he asked again, and we still said no....then he gave me 50 soles. (Don't worry, I politely refused, he just wouldn't take no for an answer)!   He's a great person! If you can, tell him I said thanks, and that his visit meant a lot to me!!!

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