Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016

Well, it's been a pretty good week!!!   Starting from where we left off....

Monday night we got the call we had been expecting.

"Elder Tonga will be going to San Martín, and Elder Winn will be receiving Elder Villarroel".

So, Elder Tonga left, and I'm now with Villarroel. Despite the fact his name resembles that of a past companion of mine, and they're both from Argentina I assure you they are nothing alike. We get along perfectly and we both look forward very much to helping the zone meet their potential as missionaries. It's great.

Aside from that things have been moving along quickly!!! Elder Robbins came on Thursday and spoke to us and two other missions. He talked about the importance of obedience, our roles as missionaries, and how we could better help all those around us. It was great!!! Afterwards we had a leadership meeting with Elder Montoya (of the 70). It was.....a learning experience.....hahaha!  Let’s just say that I'm glad I've been going about things right!!! Hahaha, I'm sure it was a much less enjoyable experience for some of the other Elders. He also talked a lot about obedience, and about some of the specific problems that we're experiencing here in this mission.

After that, on Sunday we had a video conference with Elder Alvarez (Area 70). Which was also a.....learning experience..... something that I have learned, is that while I may be able to sit through, and participate in a meeting....that in no way means that I enjoy them. It’s incredibly easy to feel inadequate with one of them talking to you, calling out all of your flaws......but, I guess it's a learning experience.

So that's been fun....ish. and then we've been working a lot with the investigators in our sector.....President Larson has asked us to reach a goal of 11 baptisms this month (compared to other zones, and other times in the mission, that's actually relatively low). It should be attainable, however the zone has a few problems.....and it appears as if 6 of those 11 baptisms will need to come from our sector.....Which is a lot of pressure....and a lot of stress.....but that's ok. I know that with a lot of fasting and prayer, we can get it done.

So that's been my week. Lots of meetings. Lots of wearing gross worn out suits. Lots of stress. Lots of prayer. Lots of fallen through meetings with investigators....And Lots of happiness.

Because in the end, happiness is something you choose, not something that results from what happens to you.


I hope you're all doing great!!! Because I am!!!

I'm looking forward to a lot of hard work this week!!! Love you guys!!!

Elder Winn

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