Monday, March 21, 2016

I think I'm getting jilted (I wanted to say "gipped" but I wasn't sure how to spell it.....) on time today, so real quick some highlights from this week.

-Ran in to Cameron Dopp's Dad this week! He was awesome! It was great to see someone from home!

-We've had some hard days this week (lots of walking, late nights staying up and making plans for the next day, working every minute of every hour just to get into a house) but the work is starting to pay off!

-We met a super contentious guy this week, who just wanted to talk trash about the book of Mormon. And while it's not new to meet people like this, this was the first time I'd left content!

Hahahaha and all it took was a firm testimony of the book of Mormon.

"Wait, brother, you're telling us that The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ was written by a 20 year old young man from 19th century New York? And that he wrote a book testifying of Jesus Christ, an unknown group of people, with unknown governments, monies, and politics that tells us about even the most minute details of a previously unknown civilization?

"Uhh....well when you put it that way".....

Hahahahaha so we had fun!

Agh. They're cutting me off here.....

I guess I'll tell you guys more next week.

Basically we've had crazy miracles and we're hoping for two baptisms this week!!!! Love you! Sorry about this!!!!

Things are going great!!!

Here's all of Lima!!!!

Ahhhhh I feel bad I'm getting cut off like this!!!! Don't hate me for lack of detail!!! I love you guys!!!!!!!! Bye!

I swear this isn't my fault........

Tour bus pics, Plus we met Peruvian Superman!
#Peruvian SupermanVsBatman
#Peruvian SupermanWins

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