Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016

Ok.....well I'm deprived of my journal this week (my usual source of interesting stories) so it looks like this week I'll be writing just from memory....

Well I'll start off with the best thing I can think of.

Last week we met Ricardo. We talked to him in the street; he was mildly receptive and told us to pass by a different day. The days go by.....and then on Tuesday I see a small note in my agenda reminding me that we had a meeting with a fairly disinterested man who we had contacted in the street...(we talk to about 20 of them a day)....anyway....we go to his house......

He enthusiastically pulls us in and sits us down. He says we've got 30 minutes. We'd better make it good. We tell him we'll give the best message we've got. For 30 minutes we explain how much God loves us, and how he has shown his love by calling a prophet in these days.......He listens intently.

He asks where the church is, we tell him. He asks at what time, we tell him.

He says he'll be there. He says he'll get baptized. He just wants to know more.

We teach him again on Thursday, same result.

Sunday: We pass by all the investigators we can. No one's home.....We finally pass by Ricardo. No answer......

"But that's impossible" my companion says "he promised"....

"I know" I said. "A lot of people promise"......We get to church. A new investigator shakes our hand at the door. He's the nephew of the Elders Quorum president; he'll be visiting for a few months, and would like to know more. Lupe (who had her baptismal interview this week, and will get baptized on my birthday) came in as well.

"Well two came" I said to Elder Diaz.

Then Aldo came in. We also met Aldo this week. Saturday in fact. We gave him a blessing, pronounced him healed and he promised he'd come. He kept that promise.

Then our phone rang. It was Jorge B. (we reactivated him last month) he said he had a surprise. His girlfriend (Rosa) who we'd been teaching, but had never been able to attend church for work, had just quit her job, she'd be to church in 5 minutes.

So as we happily sat with our investigators, we partook of the emblems of the sacrament, later explaining their significance to them. It was an amazing meeting.

Then, at the second hour the second counselor came up to us. He handed me a note and said "Here, this is for you guys". It went more or less like this:

"Dear Elder Winn & Diaz

I apologize for not being present in the meeting today, it pains me to not complete with a promise I have made with you two, but something's come up. There's a family matter that has to be taken care of.

I pray that we can meet this Tuesday at 4, if not then Thursday at the same hour.

I apologize again. I thank our Heavenly Father for sending you two to meet with me. I look forward to learning more, and preparing myself for baptism. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Yours truly,


The hallway in that small chapel on Huascar St. Rosa will forever remain hallowed ground to me.

Those are the experiences I have to come adore out here.

So the work continues on!!! We're hoping for many miracles in the weeks that follow!! I'll keep you updated on all experiences!!! I love you guys!!!!

-Elder Winn

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