Monday, January 11, 2016

You don’t even know what “out of the loop” means!

While the title of this e-mail has nothing to do with 95% of the e-mail, I just figured it was worth telling you all that I have now learned the true meaning of "out of the loop".   Being in Peru and communicating on a weekly basis with family and friends (most of whom are no longer in the US) has finally caught up with me. I now have almost no idea what's going on back home.

And I love it. Hahahaha,  I've completely stopped trying to find out what's new back home, but it means I can be even more focused on Peru!

So this was a week of ups and downs.

We've met a lot of people.....unfortunately not a lot of them want to progress.

Highlights include:

Juan- a man who's life philosophy is that of Jon-kim-pun which, in the brief time we talked to him, I learned means that he believes in repeating the phrase "Jon-kim-pon" every time something goes the universe will try to fix that was interesting.

Dagoberto- He doesn't really count.....he's a hobo who picks up trash.....he's got insanely long ear hair and shouts profanities at me whenever I greet him.

Winston- He walks the streets selling ice-cream. He does not have strawberry flavored products. DO NOT ASK HIM FOR was actually a really great contact until we asked if he had a different flavor. We honestly still don't know why he flipped out about that.

We've been focusing a lot on contacting as a's normally a really spiritual and uplifting one minute we can share a message with people that will change their lives.....I've grown to love it....which is another big change in my life considering before my mission I didn't even like ordering food because it involved me talking with people I didn't know. contacts haven't been going great this week....... but the rest of the work has been!!!

I'm not actually sure that there'll be baptisms on my birthday....but there will be this month!!!!

Soon we should see the baptism of Lupe this week!!!

She's been an investigator for 4 years now.....the whole time she's just never prayed about Joseph Smith.   But now she has, so that's cool.

And that's about it there.....Elder Uceda is coming tomorrow I think.....or Wednesday, and that should be exciting too!

Ummm other than that.......I bought boxing gloves today. Not like I'm going to actually box or anything.....I just needed some form of motivation for exercise.

Anyway, life is good down here in Peru!!!! Love you guys!!!!

Elder Winn

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