Monday, January 4, 2016

Hey guys!!!

So this week I just wanted to give you all an update on Elder Diaz!!!

He's great! We get along perfectly!!!

He likes to work. I like to work.

He likes to be obedient. I like to be obedient.

He likes to share the gospel. I like to share the gospel.

It's perfect!!! Hahahahaha, really though, we get along great!!! In a few ways he reminds me of Elder Slade!!!

We had a lot of fun this week!!! Elders Shupe and Vazquez came over to watch the fireworks with us because their zone was in a "State of emergency" that was fun!!!....also, I can't upload a video, so I'll have to send one home, but the fireworks were don't even could scarcely imagine how much they brightened up the sky!!!

And to those of you who know me, you can imagine how happy I was to see that many fireworks.

I now know why I was called to this mission.

Hahaha but really, seriously speaking. This week has had a lot of spiritual blessings as well.

As a companionship we placed a goal of 4 baptisms and 5 reactivations this month....and that probably sounds like a lot....because it is. Hahaha but we had a feeling that we could do it, and a lot of faith.

So this week as we were tracting we contacted a woman in the street, she told us her family lived close by and that we should share a brief message with them. We did. And 5 people accepted an invitation to be baptized on my birthday. With 3 more whom we'll have to visit a different day.

But wait, there's more.

We got a call from Sister M.

What's that sister? A family needs a blessing? Why, certainly!

Oh...They're not members! Even better!

We shared a brief message on the restoration. They shared with us a bit about their lives....Their son Gabriel was born with a malformed ventricle. He would need surgery very soon. They just wanted to make sure he would be ok.

We gave him a blessing....I suppose I should say my companion gave him a blessing....but not just one of those "You'll be ok blessings" but he actually said the words:

"In the name of Jesus Christ you are healed".

That was amazing. We've since returned to teach them. They're still doing great! And their son will be going in for a check-up this week.

So......that's what's going on work wise! We’ve got 6 people with a baptismal date for my birthday!!! With an expected 3 more this week!!! So that's exciting!!!

I'm doing great!!! And I love you guys so much!!!! Stay safe!!!

Elder Winn

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