Monday, June 1, 2015


Well, this week ended great with a completely unexpected (and very stressful) baptism!

Javier had been talking to us about his baptism for a while now, and really wanted to do it. Unfortunately, his wife was still opposed and didn't want her kids to be baptized. So.....after a lot of coaxing on our part (and even more by our district and zone leaders) he agreed to be baptized on Sunday. It was a great until Saturday at 6 when he called us and said that 8:00 that night would be better. So we changed all the plans, call the Bishop and the ward members to invite them, and make sure the font is ready. Then he gets there and we realize we don't have baptismal clothes, so we have to run back to the room get another elders baptismal clothes so that Javier can use mine.....In the end I ended up using pants about 34 sizes too small, and just about had to ask Slade to do it so I didn't lose circulation to my legs.

So that was great.

Then we had a multi-zone conference with Elder Sanchez's new zone. It was great and I feel like I learned a lot about how I teach and what I can change to be better.

And then it gets weird.

Remember that Eric kid I talked about last week? Well apparently he used to be a devil worshiper. He says for a long time he was trying to bring souls to Satan, and just recently has realized that that probably isn't a good thing......

He's going to need more help than I thought.

And yesterday at 12:00 in the morning we were woken up by the worried screams of the Elders on the floor beneath ours. 2 priests from their ward had been playing with an Ouija (is that spelled right?) board and vaguely remembered that that was a bad thing and proceeded to go directly to the Elders room to ask for help.

So, we came down to a whole mess of confusion, screaming, and the end we had to cast the demons out of one of the priests, and gave a blessing to the other. Then re-blessed the was a very odd night.

Although; I look back on the experience with so much gratitude for the power of the priesthood. I have certainly gained a powerful witness as to the divine power that Christ has, and the truthfulness of his restored priesthood line of authority.

Well.....Augh, that's it!

There should be pictures in my other e-mails! Love you guys!!!!

-Elder Winn
pic #1  Soccer field they played on by the beach
pic #2  Cool church in Larco Mar
pic #3  Javier's baptism- Dave in pants that are according to him "34 sizes too small"
pics #4-5  Cool car they saw today


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