Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hey guys!!! So we've had a roller coaster of a week since we last left off.

At the start of last week, we had 7 people who (with a bit of nudging and with some extra help) would have been ready for their baptism this Saturday.

Anyway, I'll spare you the details, but, ugh......at least we're getting 1 baptism this week!!!

It will be Maria.....which is funny, because if you had asked me 2 weeks ago, which of those 7 would be the last to get baptized, I would have said her.

When we first met her, she just rambled and cried for about 20 minutes, talked about giving birth and how she had only ever wanted to be a nun, and then asked for a picture of Jesus.....so we didn't exactly have a ton of faith to begin with.....but....after talking to her a few more times, she eventually let us in......then came to church.....then decided to get baptized.

It's the greatest!!!

Also we made french toast. I know that doesn't sound extraordinary, but to us, it's pretty much a luxury.

Other than that......I got in my first car accident this week!!! Our taxi driver rear ended the car in front of us pretty bad......and then we just drove off!

Aside from all of that, we did have one other cool experience this week. We went to a scheduled meeting we had at Maria's house, and when we went inside, we were introduced to David, a member from her (soon to be former) church. She wanted us to convert him. 

He did NOT want to be converted.

After about 15 minutes of him insulting Joseph Smith, The prophets, Adam and Eve, The book of Mormon, Religion in general, and the way I laced my shoes (that's 100% true).

We kindly told him that we would hate to cause contention, and would just like to leave them with a prayer. This further angered him, and he proceed to challenge our knowledge of the bible.....after condemning our knowledge of the bible as "laughable" and "in all actuality non-existent" he invited us to read it, just as we had invited him to read our book.

I then referred him to a political group known as the Pharisees. Turns out....they had a lot in common!!! We told him that it was apparent he knew the letter of the law, but not the spirit. We invited him to think about what he had said, and invited him to pray about it. I think he rejected our invitation, but I really wouldn't know because after that he didn't say much of anything at all......

The Gospel is true!!!! I love you guys!!!!

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