Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25, 2015

Anyway, in case you didn't read the header....nobody got baptized this past week. Javier did have his interview, and did pass it....but Godofredo and Mariana didn't go to theirs. They should all either get baptized this week, or in the next few weeks.....

Other than that, we've found two new investigators who are progressing!
Alex is 20 years old, and was an MMA fighter until about 3 months ago when he fell out of his window and broke his back. He has been told that he won't walk again and since then has been trying to get closer to God.

He's awesome! We've taught him twice now (Lupe introduced us to him!) and he's already accepted to be baptized in a few weeks!!! He's the best!

We also found Eric, who has apparently been taught by the missionaries before.

And well......that's about it!.......

I'll get some more to write next week....but that's about it for now!

I love you guys!!!

Here's a picture of us as a zone, and Junny Jeong, who I ran into today at lunch! He's in Lima west, and I think he graduated a year before me!

Love you guys.

Elder Winn

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