Monday, June 22, 2015

This weeks letter

June 22, 2015

Ok! I hope you're all ready for a big e-mail!!!
So, this week I got a call Monday night that I would be leaving on Tuesday and that I should pack my bags. It was a pretty bittersweet feeling, because I loved the ward and Elder Slade, but at the same time I wanted to get out of there, and move on.
We had another big change meeting like we used to have, with the ENTIRE mission there. They announced the changes, and then President and Sister Borg said their goodbyes. I'm going to miss them, but it's going to be exciting to get a new president too.
Anyway, the President announced that I would be going to Condevilla and my new companion would be Elder Ango. Which I was totally fine with!!! Elder Bates and Cluff are in Condevilla, it's a great zone and last week alone they had 18 baptisms! It's insane! So I said goodbye to Elder Slade and headed for my new home in the Jorge Chavez ward.

To start off, the sector itself is about as big as my old one in Rimac, but it looks a lot more like Palao. Also my apartment is about 3X the size of my first one and 5X the size of my last one! It's WAY nicer! Elder Ango is from Junin, it's a province right next to Lima, so he's not that far from home... Also I think I got demoted to junior companion because he's been out here for 19 months now!
Other than that......We have a pensionist again! She cooks breakfast and lunch for $3 a day! It's great! Her family is the best! Although I haven't met many other members yet (mostly because church was cancelled this Sunday for the dedication of the Trujillo temple).
And lastly, since I'm still getting to know the investigators, members, and less-actives and don't know much about any of them.
I'll just tell you a few of their names that I enjoyed.
Sister Jesus,
Sister Lenin,
Brother Mary (keep in mind these are first names people, FIRST NAMES)
And Brother Ezra Brigham Taylor.
Although I have to say my personal favorite is a recent convert named Stibe (pronounced Steve)
And lastly, but certainly not least. We, as missionaries, were able to attend all 3 dedicatory sessions of the Trujillo temple this Sunday. Probably one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. It was incredible. Elder Bednar talked about the importance of doing temple work for OUR dead, and furthering the Family history work we do for OUR families.
Although it was Uchtdorf who ultimately dedicated the temple. It was a truly magnificent experience to not only see, but to Feel that another house of the lord was being established in this country.
Well that's all folks! I hope this letter finds you well!!! Love you guys!!!!


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