Monday, June 22, 2015

Last weeks letter/Steve and I were out of town so it's a week late

June 15, 2015 

Well this week just flew by!!! We had Maria's baptism Saturday night at 8:00 PM!

It was amazing!!! We could tell she was worried about it and was feeling pretty nervous but the moment we walked into the chapel it seemed to just melt away. The service went perfectly and she left just beaming! It was great to see Elder Slade stand in the font with her, as her family sat and watched. It was an amazing experience.

Other than that this week just kind of passed by uneventfully! Just normal teaching appointments, normal visits......"normal" lunches.....hahaha really though I don't have a ton to talk about!

I feel like I've learned a lot here in Rimac and I'll be sad to leave it....but on the other hand it will be good to head out and experience something new.

I came into Rimac to a few progressing investigators and a few references. And I'll be leaving it with 8 people set up for their baptisms, a ton of references to contact, and a great deal of other investigators in varying stages of progression. While I may not have baptized like crazy, I feel like my sector is certainly a lot better off than when I left it, but I know that I'll be leaving it in good hands!

Elder Slade was by far my favorite companion I've had so far! While I've learned so much from every one of them, I'll miss him the most for sure!!! It was such a pleasure to train him and I know he'll be a fantastic missionary (not that he isn't already).

Anyway. I'll be heading out soon! I'll let you know where I end up next week then!!!

Love you guys!!!!

-Elder Winn
   above          Sector playing soccer on "P"day.
   below         "Trash Mountain" as it is known by.....thought I had taught him better than this.

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