Thursday, July 2, 2015

We had a great week here in Condevilla! I'm getting to know the sector really well.....although the people are still a challenge to learn......they all have the weirdest names: Mirmiam, Earthan, Brisset, Indira, Rodolfo,

Ooh! Fun fact; Turns out my slice of Condevilla isn't actually in Condevilla! I'm technically in Callao! So I get the pride of saying I'm living in humble Condevilla and all the danger of living in Callao! (kidding mother dearest, that was a joke, it can hardly be considered dangerous, it's a perfectly quaint.....erm.....shanty town.....) Hahaha really though, it's amazing!

Other than that.....Things have taken a turn for the better!

We'll be re-activating.....uhh.....some girl with a weird name.....this week! And In July I'm pleased to announce that we have the baptisms of Bridget (The cousin of a member (Solanch (that's right, that's a name)) whom we started teaching last week. She went to church last week and has gone to several of the activities) and possibly Lizzeth (if we can get them married, which is a pretty big if...)

We've started to find more investigators! Ango really likes knocking doors....I can't say the same but.....oh well.....we've found......0 so far with that method, but people have just started coming up to us and asking if we can teach them (Which is just as incredible as it sounds).....

Lastly I'll leave you with the best news!!! This Sunday a Mother and her 2 children (16 and 13) informed us that she had been inactive for two years and would like to come back to church. Her two daughters then chimed in that they would like to be baptized as soon as possible. And both of them have dates for this 18th of July. Making a prospective total of 4 baptisms for the month of July! Things are looking up!!!

I'm doing great and I love you guys!!!

Here's a lovely picture of me enjoying my oatmeal and ham sandwich breakfast.

Also......Elder Ango was sick for a day. Here's what my study set-up ended up looking like.....

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