Monday, June 20, 2016

So. Here's what happened.

Sunday afternoon we're on our way to lunch with the zone leaders (about 2:00) and they get a message from Sister Larson, saying that Elder Castillo and I will be going to the mission home from 5:00 to 6:30, and they just wanted to give the ZL's a heads up. I thought they faked the message, so they ended up calling Sister Larson (then we believed them, although we still didn't know why we were going).

About an hour later the assistants call, letting us know that we will be eating dinner with the president and his family, them, and another companionship and that we needed to be at the offices at 5:00.

After much excitement and confusion we arrived.

They live in a very nice apartment on the 19th floor. The elevator opened right up to their house. We talked for a bit as Sister Larson finished cooking and the kids finished setting the table. Elder Jarvies and his companion were the other guests. It was the perfect Sunday dinner, Just like Aunt Jan makes. Plus they had blueberries, raspberries and kiwi, which I haven't eaten in at least 2 years, and really, really, really good rolls.

And at some point in the dinner I gave President Larson the "Hey, why did you guys do all of this for us" look. To which he responded:

"Well, we missed Elder Perkin's (the assistant's) birthday a few days ago, and we wanted to greet the new Elders (Elder Castillo, and Elder Quispe, Jarvies companion). But mostly, we wanted to thank you two (Elder Jarvies and I). You've graciously stepped down from a leadership position and have stepped into some very difficult sectors, in some cases with difficult companions and have never complained. So, thank you. Enjoy!

Wow. It was amazing.

Also Lupe R. from Rimac will be getting endowed this week. Thursday I'll be going to the temple with Elder Slade.

I bought awesome stuff today.

I'm quite happy.

Well, Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time, but here's a quick re-cap of this week.

-We've found about 15 new investigators these past few weeks, it's been cool, but kind of disappointed, not many of them are married and they cohabitate, which is a big problem here, and they few that remain are a bit unmotivated.

-I got word from the assistants that Lupe R. (from Rimac) will be going to the temple this Thursday and Elder Slade and I will have the privilege of going with her!!!!

-I went on Interchanges to "la Chalaca". It was a Peruvian slum. It was awesome. I was there for about 3 working hours and we found 4 new investigators. What!?

Those were pretty much the highlights. We had a stake conference and the president of the Lima, Peru temple spoke. He's Italian and was hilarious!!!

I've got to go....and I feel bad for not writing much..

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