Monday, June 27, 2016

Dave's Wonderful Week

I've got a wonderful week to write you about, and a terrible keyboard. I can promise you'll be seeing spelling errors.

Ok. So starting off with Thursday:

This week Elder Slade and I accompanied Lupe R. to the temple so that she could be endowed. It was incredible. She saw us just before entering into the temple doors. I figured she would say "Elders, It's so good to see you"! or "Oh! It's been so long"!.....instead she just clasped my hand and whispered "Thank you....Thank you so much. I can't wait to see what other blessings God has in store for me". The joy we felt was something unique, a very special spirit dominated us most of that day.

 Of course that was an incredible experience, but the real blessing came afterwards as we ate lunch.

As we talked with her and the other ward members that came with her, we talked about the baptisms the ward had seen since we left. As they began to list off names I realized that many of them were investigators that we had found, or that we had prayed for, hoping one day that they would progress. They talked about those whom we had baptized and their current activity in the church. Touching upon one convert they said: "She hadn't been to church in about 8 months, but then, just like that, she came back about 3 weeks ago".

3 weeks ago I had sent her a letter, telling her that if she ever found herself straying from the church she should think about her baptism, about the covenants she made, and about the spirit she felt. I promised her that greater blessings awaited her in that chapel than anywhere else on earth.

I learned 2 great lessons this week. 1- No missionary effort goes to waste 2. A letter of support to a convert is a lot more important than we may think it is.

So that was awesome! And.....well thinking about it that's most everything!

We've been knocking doors a lot lately. It's not that bad actually, so we'll see what the rest of today has in store! Tomorrow's the real p-day. We'll be going to the water fountain've seen it before so it shouldn't be that exciting!

I love you all!!!

Looking forward to another week of work,

Elder Winn

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