Monday, June 6, 2016

Hey everyone!

I hope you are all doing well!

Well, I'll start off by letting you all know that I'll be staying here with Elder Castillo!!!

And that's the last update you'll be getting from me about my companions!

In case you missed something here's the list:

MTC- Elder McPhie

In Field- Elder Glassford (finished October 2014)

Elder Villarruel, Santa Fe, Argentina (finished November 2015)

Elder Merino, Piura, Peru, (finished February 2015)

Elder Slade Murray, Utah (Currently serving in La Libertad)

Elder Ango Chanchamayo, Peru (finished November 2015)

Elder Aroni Cuzco, Peru, (finished October 2015)

Elder Ramirez Tarija, Bolivia, (finished December 2015)

Elder Diaz Cali, Colombia, (Currently training in Limatambo)

Elder Tonga Highland, Utah, (finished March 2016)

Elder Villarroel Mendoza, Argentina, (currently serving in Limatambo

Elder Castillo, San Luis, Argentina.

So it’s been a blast!!! I can honestly say I've learned more from my companions than I ever could have in any class, any fireside, or any other way. You'll spend more time with them in a day than you will with anyone else.

Each one of them is a son of the Living God who knows and loves them perfectly. In spite of their imperfections, I have always strived to see them as He would. It's been amazing.

And, as for the work side of things.....everything’s going great! We've got a family of 4 all with a baptismal date for the 3rd of July! Which would be even cooler if I knew their names!!! Hahaha Elder Castillo was on an interchange when he found them, so I haven't actually met them yet! Although while on that interchange I also had the privilege of meeting Henry Anton. While we only spoke for about 10 minutes in his house, we taught a really powerful lesson on faith! He's looking forward to church on Sunday and a visit this Tuesday!!!

Sorry I can't send pictures!!! This internet cafe is lame!!!

I love you guys!!! I'm really happy and I'm doing great!!!

-Elder Winn

P.S. As always P-day was playing soccer for a couple of hours!!!

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