Monday, April 11, 2016

Well let's start off with a cool experience.   

*Rewind a week and a half to the run down gas station in our sector*

*a very white looking couple enters the gas station*

Me: "Woah....they look like gringos!"

Villarroel: "They are, I've heard the man talk in English before"

Me: "Lets go talk to them"!

Villarroel: "no way, I'm not going to understand anything they say"

Me: "Well whatever I'm going in to see if they speak English"

*Missionaries enter into the gas station*

*hears pure Spanish*

Me: "aww, they don't speak English"

*Missionaries leave the gas station*

*White(ish) woman quickly follows suit*

White(ish) Woman: "Hey......uhh....could you two....uhh.....I don't know how to say this...."

White(ish) Man: "Well uhh......we were wondering if you two could come to our house and tell us a little about religion....Quite frankly we'd just about given up on organized religion....but we felt we should talk to you two".

*Missionaries smile at each other*

*fast forward a week and a half*

Missionaries: ......."So that's what you two need to do to have an eternal family"

Gisella & Cesar: Sounds perfect! We're in!"

So......that was awesome. Sometimes sharing the gospel is as easy as wanting to hear two people speak your native language.

Hahahahaha really though! Gisella and Cesar are amazing!!!! They'll be coming to church this week and (fingers crossed) now have the goal of entering into a temple to be sealed about year and a month from now!!!

One just never quite tires of miraculous experiences....

Lets see.....what else...

Danika is progressing! In case I have never mentioned her before, Danika is a reference we received from her nieces in LA, California about a month ago! She's studying to be a vet, and is super smart! She believes in God and wants to live according to His desires, so it's a good start!

Lately she's been devouring anything we leave her to read and looks forwards to our visits! She's great!

In other news.....I don't know why I didn't eat pineapple in the states. Like....I didn't know you could just buy one and eat it.....and then repeat the process. Pineapple is amazing.

Also I would like to know are the following fruits available to you guys?

-Prickly pear

-Custard apple





I love all of those and will miss them dearly if you can't find them back home.

Hahaha we've found a new house and will be moving in.....sometime.....hahahaha

So.....the missionary life carries on!!! I'm loving the service and am doing great!!!

Love you all!!!

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