Monday, April 18, 2016

Oh.....This is what Europe is like....

Well, unfortunately this week’s subject line has to do with this week’s key indicators.....They were awful European.

I honestly have walked more this past week than I have any other week in my life!!!.....although its good exercise I suppose.

I can't really tell you about any great lessons or anything....although I can share with you one of those treasured "I can't believe that actually happened" moments.

- We were on our way to visit a less active family, when up ahead in the street we see two gentlemen having a heated discussion one in a wheelchair, and one with crutches....As we get closer, we still can't make out what they're saying, but it's apparent that the man in the wheelchair has had enough, and is now trying to run the man with crutches down.....and....oh wait....the man with crutches seems to realize he's got a much longer reach than the paraplegic....In horror we watch the man with the broken leg place his crutch on the paraplegic's chest, laugh like a madman, and push him over....We run over, help the man up, and before we can get a word out, the man we have just helped out has picked up a shard of glass and is going in for round two.........I'm pretty sure someone called the police.

So that was fun......

Jorge continues preparing for his baptism, which will now be taking place the 30th of this month! Woo!!!

We're currently working with Gisella and her family (they couldn't come to church this week, because Gisella and one of the kids were sick). With Danika (who unfortunately slept in this week, and also couldn't make it to church and with Claudio (who's really cool, and I would tell you more, but we don't really know him that well).....

We're currently in the process of weeding out true investigators from "investigators". So we're not in houses that much as of late.

But things are still going well!!!

Other than that, this week we moved into our new house!!! I'll try to send photos!!!!

#1-3 New apartment--It's the 3rd floor, with the spiral staircase!!! It's great

#5  I had the opportunity to go back and visit the Reyes family today!!! They're still doing great!!!

#6-7  We have Star Wars shirts in our zone.  Be jealous!

I'm doing great and still loving the work!!! I love you all!!!

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