Monday, October 26, 2015

This week on Survivor......

The main reason I've got that as a header is because I just barely realized that I've missed an entire season of survivor....and am probably missing another right now....or will be soon.....

Also because I'm trying not to die out here.....

Let me explain.

So......going back to last Monday....I finished writing you guys, then we headed out to teach in my sector.

We visited the G. family, a family we had previously been trying to find without any luck. Anyway we found them, and they are amazing. The Mom is less active, her husband is an investigator, as well as her two kids.

Her two sons have a baptismal goal for the 14th of November.

Then we went to Johnny B, a contact we made the day before, he eagerly listened, briefly expressed his desire to follow Christ, and then happily accepted a Baptismal date for the 14th as well.

We then received a phone call from investigator I met about 2 months ago, who came to church, but then fell off the face of the earth. His father passed away the day before, we taught him the plan of salvation. Probably one of the most spiritual lessons of my mission.

Baptismal date 7th of November.

Then we go to visit a less active family in the zone leaders sector....

A few minutes into the lesson I get a phone call.....The President talks to me a bit about Aroni....then starts telling me about a ward in Callao, "La Perla" (the pearl).....after about 5 minutes I think "Oh....duh, you're going to get changed there"....

The President then tells me that's where I'll be headed to finish out this change, as well as a few more to follow.

So I packed up my bags and Tuesday headed out to my new home in Callao.

My new companion is Elder Ramirez. He's great. He'll be going home next change, making him the third Elder I'll have "Killed".

I can't tell you that much about the sector yet....I'm still learning it.

But it's great!!!

Now I know why everyone says Callao's sketchy.....although it's not that far just one shooting, one house fire, and about an ambulance a day.

My sector's right next to the ocean though!!! When we have to cross the entire sector and don't want to go through the sketchier parts we just walk on the road that passes the ocean. I love it.

And.....that's all I can thing of this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm staying safe!!! Things are going great!!!

I'll write more next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much love,
Elder Winn

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