Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

Hello Everyone!

So......This has been quite the week!!!

Everything started off normal.....even great!!!

People to teach, places to be, service to do.....

Things started out normal enough, with a long (and very hard) service project.

For about 5 hours we helped a family (the mechanic from last week) move the rest of their motors/kitchen appliances/results of a lifetime of hoarding to their other house; with repeated efforts the following day.

Then.....the new stuff.

I've been with the zone leaders since Friday night.....but it's been really cool!

Elder Bean is from Burley, Idaho, and he has one change more than me.

Elder Escobar is from Panama, and he goes home this change.

They're great Elders who LOVE talking to everyone, which is great.

These three days together have consisted of stopping about 50 people in the street and striking up conversations about Jesus Christ. It's actually incredibly effective.

To illustrate this point, I'll tell you about Miguel and Julia.

While walking in the street Saturday, we struck up a conversation with a man, and his brother, they asked a few questions, let us take down their names, addresses, and numbers for a future meeting, and we went our way. The very next day, we call them to invite them to church; one of the brothers (Miguel) says that he and his mother would love to go. We pick them up and take them to church.

After a lovely welcome by the bishop, we take them upstairs to the principles of the Gospel class.....but wait....Oh no! The lesson today is about baptisms for the dead and family history! Two things that some random dude who met us yesterday, and his sweet 95 year old (I think she's actually only like 65), probably aren't going to understand very well......

Anyway, they listen to the lesson.....ask a few questions....then say:  "Wow......that is so cool......I want to get baptized for the dead.....but I'm not a member so I can't enter into the temple.....what do I have to do to be a member".

Being the opportunistic missionaries we are, we promptly proceeded to give them a baptismal date for the 7th of November.

We really are just seeing tons of miracles talking to everyone out here!!! It's definitely something I'll take with me back to my sector once I get a companion again! Hahahaha

Anyway, I'm doing great!!! I'll let you all know next week what ended up happening!!!

Until next week!

-Elder Winn
-Elder Escobar
-Elder Bean

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