Monday, October 19, 2015

So..... Things have calmed down.......

Things are much less weird now (sort of) and everything is on the path to going back to normal!!!

To resume where we left off, I am still with the zone leaders Elder Bean and Elder Escobar in a trio. It's looking like it will stay that way until the changes (November 3rd).

So, since the 9th I have been here with the zone leaders! It's been great! They're really fun guys, and really hard working! I already know I'm going to miss them!

I've been pretty well assimilated into their companionship! Hahaha they've certainly loved the extra cellphone and extra hands when they have to call the Elders Sunday and Thursday nights! When the give trainings or counsel to other Elders, they always ask me what else I would like to contribute. It's pretty cool!

The best part is that I feel as if they value what I have to say, it's great because it seems as if each one of us in the trio learns from the others as much as he teaches them. It's a really great experience.

In terms of the work, we have been working with two new goals as a mission recently. Which are:

1) 15 contacts daily

2) 15 invitations to baptism with a date daily.

It's certainly helping me to be able to talk to anyone about anything!

This past week we contacted 161 people, and invited 61 of them to get baptized the 14th of November, with about 1/3 of them accepting. These are incredible numbers considering the past weekly average was about 15 contacts and 6 invitations.

Contacting everyone, and inviting everyone to baptism are two things that have helped us a lot as missionaries to determine who will progress, and who won't right from the get-go.

As a result of these efforts, we've seen the number of new investigators found as a mission double over the past few weeks; our mission is now above average in 3 out of the 4 key indicators for the whole South America North-east Area. Which may not sound like much, but our mission is only a 9 mile by 9 mile by 9 mile triangle.

We've been teaching in both sectors,

In mine we've got a kid named Christan preparing to be baptized this Saturday and Teresa (the ice-cream lady) preparing for the 7th of November!

In the zone leaders sector we have:

Miguel and Julia- a mother and Son whom we found two weeks ago, preparing for the 7th as well

Veronica and Eduardo- A husband and Wife whom we found about the same time, also preparing for the 7th

Karla- an investigator they've been preparing for the past few weeks-this Saturday

And Yessenia-....pretty much in the same boat as Karla.

As well as many others who just don't quite have a date for their baptism just yet.

So as you can see, the work is moving along great!!!

I'm doing awesome and I am loving the work!!!!

Love you guys!

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