Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

Hello again everyone!!!!!!!

I hope everyone's doing well!!!

As always! I'm doing great!!!!

So, getting right into this past week,

On Thursday, we had a service planned to help the "Gringo" move all his stuff from one house to another. He's not actually a Gringo though; he's just got really light skin compared to everyone else here, so they call him that.

Anyway, for about 5 Hours Elder Aroni, the Gringo, and I moved everything out of his 3rd floor apartment, strapped it to the top of a moto taxi (remember that lovely contraption I photographed a few months ago?), and then drive a mile or so to his new house where we then carried everything up the stairs to his new 4th floor apartment. Yippee.

Hahahaha upon returning (about 6 in the evening), we get a call from another ward member. He needs our help moving everything from HIS house to his other house, seeing as we were already in our service clothes; we told him we'd be there right away. Upon arriving, I remembered something I had forgotten when I first met him.....He was a mechanic.......a Peruvian mechanic. Meaning he kept all work materials (and did all his work) inside his house.

So the work commenced. Boat motors, car engines, oozing black stuff, at least  2000 pounds of tools, acetylene torches and gas tanks (because his wife makes jewelry), and a lot of things that looked like they came straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Ugh. We finished about 9 and he gave us some chicken to eat......not a bad day......although I was pretty sore for both of the conference sessions.

Also, remember that lady I bought an ice-cream from? She's got a baptismal date for next month! Her name is Teresa B, and she's about the sweetest lady I've ever met. Despite the fact that her husband's health is still declining, her faith is growing in incredible ways. Although it is difficult for her to attend church because she's always in the hospital, she has shown an incredible desire to follow Jesus Christ. She's incredible.

And lastly, I'll sign off with a few thoughts from General conference:

Well not really....I don't have any of the notes I wrote. But some things I do keenly remember were the talks of: Holland, Nelson, and the new apostles.

I hope each one of you reflects on what you have learned from conference. It is meant to help each one of us individually.
I'll never forget the thoughts expressed by Elder Renlund, as that husband and wife comforted HIM during THEIR great loss. That is who we need to be.
Those who in the midst of their own afflictions, serve others.
I love you all!!! I'm doing great!
Elder Winn

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