Monday, July 27, 2015

Well we had another great week down here in Jorge Chavez!

We've got the baptisms of Danitza, Karla, and Yessenia,  and the reactivation of their mom Carmen coming up this Saturday! So we worked a lot with them this past week.

It's been a lot of routine down here. We're not contacting that much (which is a miracle considering Ango loves it so much) which is good; Although it does mean that we're trying to find the 150 or so old investigator forms we have in the Area book......

Which means we run into one of 5 scenarios;

-They're not home

-They claim to have never heard of us, and when we tell them that they must have because we have all their information and teaching records, they scream at us and say we're stealing all their info through satellites (what?)

-They politely decline to hear more of our message (that has happened about once)

-Or they say they would love to listen again (which has also probably happened about once)

Hahaha the days are long, but the work is good.

Other than that, the Pensionists dog (Negro, the one in the picture) has taken to following us anywhere and everywhere. He followed us 12 blocks to the bishop’s house and then somehow made it home safely. He also follows us to church every week......I guess if he keeps coming we can count him as a progressing investigator.....Haha,

I'm doing great and I hope all of you are too!!! I'm happy and healthy, and couldn't love the work more!!!

I'll try to have some interesting experiences next week.

Love you!!!

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