Tuesday, May 19, 2015

So, I would love to start this letter by telling all of you just why I love old people so much.

This past week we were visiting a less active couple in the ward. Turns out they've just been on vacation/sick/unmotivated, but are now going to attend regularly. After talking a little while, we tell them we would like to share a scripture with them before we leave.

Here's where it gets great.

I tell her I want to read 1 Nephi 6 (or something like that....I don't remember) and that it's short so it won't take that much time. She then turns to 2 Nephi 6 and starts to mark everything. And by everything I mean the Chapter heading, as well as the footnotes. She just starts to color it all like a coloring book. I then inform her that I said first Nephi, and not second Nephi, to which she gently nods her head and continues highlighting..... I then repeat no.....FIRST Nephi....at which point she realizes that she is now in second Nephi, and proceeds to move on to third Nephi.........at this point I'm just laughing internally mostly because it looks like she has painted two pages of her Book of Mormon completely yellow, when Elder Slade says..... "Augh actually maybe it'd just be better if we decide to go to D&C 4" so then she turns to D&C 6 and proceeds to paint that page as well.

Elder Slade and I are both trying to hide our laughter now, and we politely inform her that we said 4 and not 6.

She then finishes highlighting all of Chapter 6 and says "Oh......well it's all good anyway"

And finally she was able to highlight all of the scripture we had chosen.......all in all it took a solid 15 minutes of explaining to get her to the right scripture. Hahaha one of my favorite lessons so far!!!

Other than that we've got 5 people who should get baptized this week! Javier, his kids, Marianna, and Godofreddo.

And this past week we put a goal to find 17 new investigators, and by the end of the week we found 10! Not too shabby!!!

Other than that, I hope you'll all be happy to know that I'm staying another change in Rimac with Elder Slade! I couldn't be happier about it!!!!

I'm doing great, working hard, and having fun!!!

Love you guys!!!!!

-Elder Winn

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