Tuesday, December 30, 2014

As you can probably guess from the subject line......It was a fairly uneventful week...

We had 3 P-day's which was fantastic......hahaha like really awesome. But other than that.....things went along like normal.

On Tuesday we had a giant Christmas party, where half the mission got together in our stake center and we had a giant party! We had a nice Christmassy dinner, played soccer, and watched skits that the other zones put together (We had one too, but it was absolutely terrible and I'd rather not re-live it by describing it in this e-mail). We had a secret Santa too! I got a giant bottle of C-fruit (think giant bottle of sunny D) and A bunch of cookies! It was a pretty generic gift, but I honestly couldn't have been happier!

Anyway....that was the Christmas party, and then on Christmas eve, we just kind of wandered around from house to house eating fruitcake (I didn't think it actually existed until I came her...) and hot chocolate. Until we eventually stayed in one house and watched fireworks from their roof, going home at about 1 in the morning (with permission from the president of course).

And then Christmas day we hung out in the mission leaders house and got to skype our families! So, that was incredibly awesome!!!

I hope you all can take a moment before this year is over to appreciate your families!

And I also hope you can forgive me for this scattered e-mail! (I'll do better next week)!

I love you all!!!

Happy New Year!! !!

-Elder Winn



                                                                    Mission Seal

With Luana on Christmas

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