Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014
So, this was an incredibly exciting week!
It started off with changes. I know we were all hoping for a change, but alas, it was not meant to be.
But that's ok! I talked with Villarruel and I think now things are looking up!  Which brings me to my next point.
I have completely changed in the past 7 days.
I decided at the change meeting, right after I got assigned to Villarruel a second time; that I shouldn't just obey the rules, and go through the lessons because I have to, I should do all that because I want to. So, starting the next day, I woke up at 6:30 with a smile on my face, and have been happy since.  It's been rough on Villarruel keeping up with the new Elder Winn, but I think it's better this way!
Anyway, completely contrary to what I just told you. Here's this story.
There's this scene in "The Shawshank Redemption" When Andy Dufresne gets into the warden's office, locks the door, and starts blasting this Italian opera music over the loudspeaker.
Obviously the warden gets angry and screams at him to turn it off. He leans over, puts his hand on the volume knob.....and thinks, he then cranks the volume and reclines back in the warden’s chair with a smile on his face. Proud of the beauty he has created in this prison.
A member downloaded the soundtrack for me the other day (because he's a saint and my district leader gave me the go ahead) and I was listening to it in the shower, when that opera song comes on. So, I start laughing and appreciate it for all it's worth when Elder Villarruel says "What is this? Elder Winn this sounds terrible turn it off"! I stick my hand out......put my finger on the volume and think......"What would Andy Dufresne do" I turn up the volume....then he starts pounding on the door, saying "Elder Winn, turn it down" perfectly recreating the scene from the movie. It was glorious.
(Dear family, feel free to edit this if you want, if you think that you shouldn't send it to everyone else, I understand....but I felt like you'd enjoy it. P.S. I told him about the movie afterwards and he laughed, we get along great now). 
As for today, we went to Larco Mar! It's all the beautiful pictures you see of Peru! Chances are, if you've googled images of Peru, 9/10 of them were from Larco Mar, it's right next to the ocean and it's absolutely beautiful! I would send you pictures if my camera hadn't have died......but yeah! We played beach soccer and essentially went window shopping! Not a bad day!
As for a spiritual update.
We're getting references left and right!
We've got Mirah, a 21 year old woman who has approximately an infinite number of questions about the gospel and who wants to learn it all.
David Y.-  a 15 year old who thinks the church is super cool and wants to be baptized.
Hermano S.- Who is the only non-member in his house and knows that the church is true. 
and Jorge and Carolina- who have had drug problems in their past and want to know if they can be forgiven.....
I don't know about you but those sound like future converts to me!!!
Hahahaha It's another change with Villarruel, but I'm as happy as can be!!! 
I love you guys more than anything!
-Elder Winn

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