Monday, December 22, 2014

Not a whole ton to talk about this week, but it was awesome!

To start off, this past Saturday the ward put on a play of "A Christmas Carol"

Elder Isaguirre was Scrooge, I was the ghost of Christmas present, Villarruel was the ghost of Christmas past, and Elder Fitzmorris was the ghost of Christmas Future.

We practiced all this week, it turned out really well, we had about 200 people come! It was funny and fairly well put together! We had a lot of fun! I'll make sure to send all the pictures next week!!

As for's weird here. It's the middle of summer, 80 degrees, and sunny everyday. But that doesn't stop them from drinking hot far I think I've eaten 1 metric ton of fruitcake and about 10 gallons of hot chocolate.....aside from the weather's about the same....they still have Christmas Tree's, and's certainly odd....

Finally, I'll tell you about La Cachina.

You know how we've all heard about "The Black Market" but it's more of just a myth kind of thing?

No it's not.

Hahahaha "la Cachina" is this magical place where they sell everything.....and like 90% of it's stolen so they sell it for almost nothing!!!

Anyway, that's where I got my camera, but I just as easily could have bought: An anaconda, a shopping cart, an Xbox, fried chicken, a telescope, or a gun.

Those are all things that I saw with a price tag at "La Cachina"......don't worry, I'm sure I'll be going back soon!

I love you all!!!! Have a Merry Christmas!!!

-Elder Winn

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