Monday, November 3, 2014

Wow!  It was a busy week!

1st off, Patty and Pierro are finally ready for their baptism this week!  It's incredible to see how much the gospel has changed their lives!  They're so much happier and a lot closer as mother and son now.   It's really amazing to see!   Other than that first, I gave my first blessing in Spanish this week!  It was to a 158 year old woman (or so she appeared) because she was having a lot of health problems.   At the ever so persistent nagging of Villarruel, I reluctantly informed her in my broken Spanish, I would give her the blessing and my companion would do the anointing.  I am so glad that the kid nagged me.   Because in that moment I was giving her a blessing, I suddenly knew every Spanish word I would possibly need to know.  It was a truly amazing experience!

Aside from that.   I also taught my first lesson to the district! It's only 9 other missionaries, but it's a lot scarier when they all speak better than you........and know more than you......and despise being at the meeting because it's ridiculously long and boring......Regardless, I taught a lesson about the mission objective and why it's important.  I ended my 45 minute lesson with D&C 16:6.  I'll let you look it up on your own, but it completely sums up missionary work and why it's important.  It went really well!  And I think for a couple of minutes there everyone didn't absolutely despise the fact they were there!

This brings me to my next topic.   Jesus the Christ. This is where I got the bulk of my material for my lesson, and let me just say.   That book is amazing. If any of you reading this e-mail haven't read that book yet, I highly recommend it. The amount of detail in which Christ's life is described is incredible!

Now, finally. I'll leave you with the highlight of the week.

We were eating dinner in the house of a member. We were eating what I think was pork (she told us pork, but I had my doubts) and drinking Inca cola. When someone knocks on the door (Which was really the least of our concerns seeing as we were torn between wanting to dissect our food and find out exactly what organs whatever we were eating once had, and just eating it anyway because we were so hungry). Well, at the door were two Jehovah’s Witnesses, who were declaring that this house needed to be protected from the evil missionaries spreading lies, even the awful Mormons who sacrifice children on Halloween (yes, they sincerely believe that).   Yeah, so the sister just lets them in so they can see us 4 happily smiling and waving, mouths half full of mystery meat.   And it was the darndest thing. It was then that they realized that they had said the wrong religion, and it was not in fact the Mormons who sacrificed children, but they had mistaken us for someone else.   Well, after declining our invitation to dinner, they left.   Huh.....

I love you all so much!  Stay safe!

Elder Winn

Pictures:  The one outside is with villarruel, my companion,

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