Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

Well, I'm terribly sorry to say it, but another uneventful week has passed by!

Not a lot of people were home this week, so we struggled to get the few meetings that we did get.

Oh well. That didn't necessarily make it a bad week.

I accomplished a life goal. I finally learned how to solve a rubix cube this week. Haha, you'd be surprised what you can learn over the course of a week in the 20 minutes you have before 10:30 each week! Haha my companion Elder Villarruel taught me......while he's not exactly the most compassionate teacher, he did teach me, and I can now successfully solve that hellish cube.

OOH! First earthquake I've ever felt this week!!! It was super cool! We were in the house about 7:50 waiting for our dinner appointment when we both kind of felt the ground move. Elder Villarruel and I looked at each other and before I could ask what happened, the ground shook even more! I thought it was about the coolest thing ever! But Villarruel brought up the point that we were on the first floor of a 5 story building........constructed in we went outside pretty quickly.....and after 5 minutes of uneventfulness, we went back inside.

Earthquakes are cool.

Despite being overall unsuccessful this week, we did find a new investigator!

His name is Whiston, he apparently took the discussions a few years ago! He has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and says he wants to be baptized! I'm excited, but I know that often times investigators like this have some sort of problem with the word of wisdom, or one of the other commandments....but either way I know with a little help, he'll be a great member one day!

I'll leave you with a random fact, more or less to show you guys that I haven't changed too much, and am still the fountain of random useless knowledge that you all know and love.

Here you can read about this dude.

He (having no medical training whatsoever) masqueraded as a surgeon on a Canadian Navy destroyer. He had to perform lifesaving surgery on 16 Korean combat casualties. He memorized a general surgery textbook 15 minutes before operating. All of the patients survived.

I'll explain the pictures later today! Love you!!!!!

Well The one picture is with me and Isaguirre.

The other one is a baptismal photo....

The other photos will have to wait.....I left the camera cable in the other internet I'll have to send the rest next week.....but I'm glad I got two out!!!

Love you lots!!!

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