Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing great!

As for me, I'm doing great, and loving Peru!

As you can probably guess from the somewhat alarming subject line.

I've been closer to a drug deal than you have.

Hahaha, this past Thursday night we were walking along one of the streets in our sector, when we saw David, one of our investigators standing in the street with some friends.  We went up and were talking with him and the rest of the group, when one of the other guys excused himself from the group, turned around, talked to another man, handed him a bag, received a whole lot of money, and then turned back to join our conversation.......

Now, I hate to hastily judge people.....but....I think he was a drug dealer. Now it could be the sketchy friends.....and place, or the various pairs of shoes suspended on the telephone wire above our heads.....or the very distinct and powerful aroma of marijuana......but for whatever reason I think he sold drugs.......Anyway we promptly said goodbye to David and left, I then turned to my companion and gave him the oh so unique look of "Hey, we're two missionaries who were just in the middle of a drug deal, right" and he gave me an affirming nod as we went to our dinner appointment.

.....hahahaha aside from that wonderful report. Things aren't too bad! We've had some trouble with the marriage of Christian and Angela....but they've got a definitive date for the 13th of December.....other than that things have just kind of slowed down......But The work is still moving along!

More than anything this week was a time for me to grow. As I'm sure you know my companion and I haven't exactly got along great, but this week I've been trying really hard to try and get along regardless.....and it's working quite nicely!....I think he's kind of realized that he's been the cause for a lot of contention and is now trying to fix companion wise....things are going great!

HAHAHAHAHA Mom, don't read this next story.

So, last night, we were on our way to Christian and Angela's to talk about their marriage some more, when all of the sudden we hear *pop* *pop*.....which is fairly typical in my neighborhood, as people are always lighting off fireworks.....but these fireworks were really close...and more high pitched than we looked over to see a crowd of screaming people and a motorcycle. The motorcycle hits the gas, and two people fly by..... a couple seconds later 2 cops on motorcycles and another 3 cars fly by.....after 20 seconds an ambulance pulls up to the crowd of people.....

I turned to Villarruel in complete awe, knowing full well that we had witnessed a drive by shooting and a police chase......I look at him and open my mouth to say something, but before I can he laughs and says "This is why we don't leave the room after 9:30"

YES!!! I did get my package! It was fantastic!!! Sorry I didn't tell you earlier! I got one from you guys, and one from Alyssa! I got them 2 weeks ago! It was fantastic! Thanks!

No....We might buy some extra food and eat it....but it's an American holiday.....they don't really have it here.....

Hahaha if you think that place is a dump, you should see my city! HAHAHAHA....really though....kind of wouldn't leave the hotel if she was here! Haha  Love you lots!!!

hahahahaha I love you all so much!!! I'll send pictures next week!

-Elder Winn

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